Surgeo: New surgery logistics service combines unprecedented quality, convenience and choice

By Editor June 20, 2016

(Aventura, Florida) – The modern healthcare delivery system offers mediocre quality, bureaucratic complexity, price opacity and is in need of a major fix. Surgical choices are shrinking and prices continue to go up forcing patients to increasingly behave as at-risk consumers concerned about poor quality and confusing, high costs. Patients and surgeons are equally frustrated.

Surgeo is a new, uniquely surgeon driven surgery logistics service and free market that provides consumers with simple access to peer-credentialed surgeons, including with easy to understand, comprehensive, transparently priced flat-fee surgery packages, financial protections such as inclusion of ancillary procedures (to eliminate financial surprises), online shopping and comparison tools, off-line support, and customized surgery packages if needed.

Surgeo designs, builds, and delivers transparently priced, comprehensive surgery packages led by uncommonly qualified surgeons. It is a first-of-kind, technology enabled, surgery logistics service that simplifies access to surgical care by offering quality, convenience and choice all in one. Surgeo rests on a proprietary, patent pending surgery packaging engine that can integrate with third-party financial systems and integrate surgery packages into their networks. It empowers both surgeons and patients to work with each other as directly and simply as possible.

As an example, Surgeo’s national penile implant surgery package solves a major logistical problem for men with erectile dysfunction – men with cancer, diabetes, and so on – who have failed conventional treatments and then find themselves not only stigmatized but also neglected and abused by lack of insurance coverage, distracted doctors, and seemingly hostile and clueless would-be providers.

Surgeo’s surgery free market has perhaps paradoxically shown early signs that surgeons liberated from third-party allowances actually lower – not raise – costs and virtually eliminate price disparity. This and other observations, including pre-incorporation prototypes that build new choices from “spare parts,” have led the team behind Surgeo to believe the service can eventually cut the cost of surgery in the U.S. by 20%.

About Surgeo:

• QUALITY: Surgeon driven network that requires surgeon peer credentialing. Peer credentialing is the only method validated empirically as a measure of surgeon quality. Surgeo is the only generally accessible network that builds on peer credentialing from the ground up. In a time of quick fixes and reliance on big data and tech driven healthcare analytics, Surgeo’s approach to quality is painstakingly laborious, scientifically valid, and stubbornly contrarian.

• CONVENIENCE: Comprehensive, flat-fee surgery packages that include surgeon, anesthesia, facility, and more, all in a one-stop, convenient online shopping scenario.

• CHOICE: Packages designed by surgeons according to uniform definitions permit simple apples-to-apples shopping and selection by surgeon, cost and location. Consumers can make the optimal choice.

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