Lightning pitch: Testing times – Testbirds innovates UX quality control

By Oliver Griffin August 24, 2016

Company: Testbirds – the startup that is making strides in user testing

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Founding team: Philipp Benkler (CEO); Georg Hansbauer (Managing Director) and Markus Steinhauser (Head of Operations)

Why we love it: Anything – literally anything – that helps improve UX is a win, isn’t it? Much like helping charities, or saving puppies, improving UX is one of the great things that people can dedicate time to. 

Testbirds specializes in ‘Crowd Testing’, a relatively new method of software testing, which has found success in a short period of time. It differs from regular testing by exposing software to real world conditions for user-friendliness and functionality. It may be true that hell is other people but, for Crowd Testing, the public certainly has its uses.

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This is available on an ad-hoc basis and applicable to all development stages, whether that’s during the conceptual phase or post launch. Testers that fit the criteria of the software or product’s target group can be chosen from an enormous crowd that represents society as a whole, from students, housewives and executive managers to experts and certified testers. As all testers use their own devices throughout the process, another advantage of this method is the huge variety of devices, operating systems and software that internal testing teams would not be able to otherwise access.

To execute tests, Testbirds’ clients can choose between three different Service Levels. Managed Service features experienced project managers that oversee and manage the entire testing process, including test design creation, communicating with the testers and results analysis. Self Service, on the other hand, gives clients access to a crowd of over 150,000 testers while Self Service plus is a combination of the two.

So far, Testbirds are doing pretty well for themselves. The company has grown to have 65 employees across a range of European countries and now works with 500 clients worldwide.


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