The Lightning Pitch: Member365, the all-in-one membership management platform

By Tim Hinchliffe June 2, 2017

Company: Member365

Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada

Founding Team: The business builder, Stephen Foley

Why we like it: Because every business values their membership base. Seriously, without them there isn’t business.

Imagine this — a bunch of membership applications have just come through; there’s a pile of membership renewals, an upcoming work event requires ticket configurations, a fundraising event is planned for later down the track, and your weekly company emails to keep your members informed are falling behind track. It doesn’t sound too fun. Honestly it sounds like a lot of work.

This year, Member365 raised $1.3 million in funding to develop their membership management platform and provide organisations with a modern, cloud-based solution to engage and grow their membership operations. With the help of L-Spark, an enterprise accelerator working closely with Canadian SAAS and Cloud Startups, who aided in the funding process, Member365 can expand their services and really help clients with the management of their membership services.

The beauty of Member365 is that everything is accessible from the one dashboard. A business can ensure smooth membership application and renewal processes, reduce time spent searching for membership data, track and manage financial situations, create, promote and sell upcoming events and so everything in its power to satisfy members.

It takes it a step further by providing the right insights about members to gain more choices on how to connect with them. This means a business can identify common interests, create and modify campaign lists and tag special member requirements.

That’s enough with the listing. It’s clear that Member365 have plenty to offer. Businesses need to constantly keep an eye on their economical, technological, and demographic situations, which at the end of the day comes down to how well they can appeal to their diverse market.