VotRite marks relaunch of its touch screen and online voting systems for the 21st century

By Editor June 9, 2015

Mineola, NY, June 8, 2015 – VotRite, a company dedicated to facilitating elections and making the act of voting as simple and as seamless as possible through the implementation of touch screen and online voting options, today marked its relaunch and unveiled its state-of-the-art electronic voting portals and products, which are intended to revise the voting process in the United States.

After devoting several years to the research and development of its online voting products, VotRite presented its new touch screen voting systems, which enable anyone with Internet connectable devices, including smartphones, tablets, and home computers, to vote remotely. In addition, VotRite announced plans to present interactive voting kiosks that are being sited in public locations throughout the country. With its newly exhibited touch screen and online voting products and services that are available for rental, VotRite offers secure voting options for the private sector and facilitates convenient online voting solutions for all types of organizations, including unions, municipalities, and condominium and co-op boards.

“With a novel and innovative approach to voting in the 21st century, VotRite has the ability to totally transform the way that we conduct our elections,” said VotRite president James Kapsis. “By offering secure mobile voting anytime and anywhere, VotRite will revolutionize the way people vote and alter the electoral landscape across the United States and throughout the world.”

VotRite offers rental options for its economical and versatile equipment that can be shipped anywhere safely. External back-up batteries are available and Wi-Fi hotspots are provided with every election where needed. The superior design offered by VotRite’s touch screen and online voting systems provide for simplicity of voting with the capacity to change ones ballot prior to casting ones vote, the ability to upload election results instantaneously using the compact SD card, disability enhancement tools with specifically designed software capabilities that are built into the machine for disabled voters, and paper receipts that provide for quick certification of the election with the VotRite Administrator software.

“The days of printing paper ballots and using outdated modes of computer-based voting to run elections are slowly coming to an end,” Kapsis said. “VotRite is blazing a trail into the new frontier of online voting.”

Kapsis noted that VotRite’s online voting systems protect against duplicate voting, contain internal and external counters in order to verify that votes are correctly tabulated in the final tally, and automatically generate a computer-based unique reference number for every voting session so that votes cannot be modified without detection.

In addition, Kapsis noted that VotRite’s systems utilize touch screen technology that allows for simple and user-friendly “touch” voting, include a special handheld pin pad that is designed with Braille capability for the visually impaired, and are programmed with the ability to translate the ballot into multiple languages.

With voter participation throughout the United States at embarrassingly low levels, Kapsis said that now is the time to work towards increasing the number of people who vote. Of the 206,072,000 Americans who are eligible to vote, only 146,311,000 are registeredto do so. In the 2012 presidential election, only 64% of Americans voted. When asked why they failed to vote, nearly 50% of Americans cited scheduling conflicts, illness or disability, inconvenient polling places, transportation problems, or stated they were out of town on the day of the election.

“Through the use of new age technology, VotRite has the power to increase voter participation, break the language barriers that often make it challenging for many individuals to vote, and reduce unnecessary spending on paper ballots and election services,” said Kapsis. “We are working to help make voter apathy a thing of the past.”

Information about VotRite’s online voting systems and services can be found at www.votrite.com.


Headquartered in Mineola, New York, VotRite is a company that is dedicated to facilitating elections through the implementation of secure, online voting options and new touch screen electronic voting systems for the private sector. With its innovative technology and cutting edge online voting systems, VotRite delivers accessibility and reliability in any election situation.