World-leading affiliate marketing network Admitad shines a light on US post-Christmas online buying habits from 2018

By Sam Brake Guia January 28, 2019

Businesses in the retail industry have done well to associate traditional family holidays with amazing sales. In the US there is Black Friday, however, for other countries which do not celebrate Thanksgiving, this retail discount frenzy occurs during other holidays. One example is the UK where Boxing day sales are chaotic as this video demonstrates.

But the retail buzz that follows Christmas is not exclusive to the UK. Back in the US, online retailers along with eager customers are fired up ready to start the new year with new sales and new purchases.

In this article, we will look at the data from Admitad, a world-leading affiliate marketing network, that provides insight into what US customers are buying online in the days following Christmas. Admitad’s global affiliate marketing network spans across 1,600 advertisers and 700,000 publishers that reach more than 5 million customers, and they have monitored sales from US buyers via the network from Dec. 25 – Jan. 8.

Their analysis found that sales of goods from China on the network increased by nearly USD $4.9M compared to last year (a growth rate of 2.3). The average purchase amount, however, remained constant (about USD $10), which signals that Chinese e-commerce companies were more aggressive with discounts and marketing campaigns in the days after Christmas. 

In addition to the above, sales of furniture and household goods shrunk by a rate of 0.6 while sales of health and beauty products more than quadrupled from the year before – signaling that immediately after the holidays, small purchases are more popular than big-ticket items.

And that’s not all. The average total cost of purchases across industries like Digital Equipment and Household Appliances, Furniture and Household Goods, and kids products fell from 2018-2019, suggesting that publishers on the Admitad network were more competitive with their promotions after the holidays.

Admitad clearly has a wide-reaching network with a near-omniscient view of activity, which makes sense given the work they are doing. In a previous interview on The Sociable, when asked “Can you give an example of a company or case study that has really benefited from Admitad’s services?” Alexander Bachmann, CEO & Founder of Admitad Group, explained why so many companies have chosen to work with them stating “We work with dozens of the ecom leaders and this is really hard to highlight just a single company. Some partners and their cases are highlighted on our web-site.”

He continues: “All of them use our services for many years and obviously they benefit from working with us and have significant profits from using our platform. Apart from large companies, small and medium-sized businesses work with us and it’s always very intriguing to watch them grow and develop into steadily progressing companies with the help of our services too.”

Evidently post Christmas shopping in the US is a busy time. While it might not have the hectic nature of the UK’s Boxing day sales, there is certainly a lot of activity going on, and thanks to companies like Admitad, our understanding of this activity is becoming increasingly clear.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an ESPACIO portfolio company

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