Zachery Ty Bryan and co. launch FlashMafia, the ultimate celeb app and fan site

By Editor March 24, 2016

Fans Earn Cash by Uploading Celebrity Sightings, Curbing the Paparazzi

“Home Improvement” star and actor/producer Zachery Ty Bryan has partnered with the creators of the popular movie site Trailer Addict to launch FlashMafia, the ultimate entertainment content crowdsourcer and social network.

Centered on celebrity and entertainment culture, FlashMafia’s user base crowdsources celeb photos and provides a platform for those users to connect in a dynamic new way with which blogs, tabloids and gossip websites cannot compete.

Users can also make money on approved celebrity photos through FlashMafia’s proprietary revenue-sharing model.

The mobile photo app enables users to rate, comment and share content while engaging in celebrity-themed games and contests.

The app’s creators also aim to curtail the paparazzi chasing stars for the perfect photo. Instead, fans capturing star sightings can upload and share their photos.

The Android and Apple iOS applications enable time-lapsed photo geo-locating, tipping fans off as to where their favorite celeb was spotted (POI) when the photo was taken, enabling users to visit hot spots of interest frequented by their favorite entertainers. Instant push notifications also alert subscribers when new photos of their favorite celebs are uploaded.

FlashMafia brings Hollywood to the fans – no filter.

FlashMafia is comprised of Programmer Ryan Parsons, Database Manager Shawn Lewis, and actor/producer Zachery Ty Bryan. Parsons and Lewis started and currently manage the popular online movie site, Trailer Addict.

Zachery Ty Bryan is best known for the hit television series “Home Improvement” and is currently in development on a new series he created with co-star Jonathan Taylor Thomas and David Neuman, former President of Walt Disney television.