A Tech Solution to the Content Creation Conundrum: Pressboard’s Marketplace for Publishers and Brand Partnerships

By Hannah Lindstadt July 1, 2017
brand content

Marketing has been experiencing a content revolution the past few years. Time and time again research has been showing that the short attention span of the digital age has no time for pop up ads or empty product pushing commercials. The Branded Content Benchmarks Report from 2015-2016 found that readers spend an average of 66 seconds actively viewing branded content, as opposed to the eight seconds exposed to a standard banner ad.

In order to catch potential clients attention and actually convert that attention into interest and conversions, companies need to be packing their company branded messages in valuable content. But bringing content marketing in-house is often not financially the best decision for startups, as strategy, creation, metrics monitoring and promotion are labor-intensive and multifaceted.

For companies still developing their branding message they face an added difficulty, they can’t get away with handing the creation of an entire brand story to a couple of bargain basement journalism undergrads, they need experienced publishing professionals with established networks to get their message heard.

That’s where Pressboard fits in. The company offers an innovative solution to branded content creation. They created a native marketplace that facilitates partnerships between brands and existing notable publishers across a wide array of specializations. Brands looking to tell their story simply browse or search through publisher profiles across North America, pitch their brand story to their selected publisher, and quickly create custom branded content.  

Content is hosted natively on the publications site but all metrics, views and conversions can easily be tracked through the Pressboard dashboard by client brands. The publishers are incentivized to promote the articles on their traditional channels and social media as Pressboard uses a “Cost per Read” model.  

This means that campaign budgets are set and based on a guaranteed number of reads generated from each publisher, and brands only pay when their stories are read.  

Pressboard’s focus on results and easy to use all-in-one marketplace will definitely continue to attract publishers and users to take advantage of the easy brand and publisher partnering platform and build powerful stories together.