An Important Immune System Boost This Holiday Season: KalaVita’s nature-powered gummies

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team December 13, 2021

The holiday season is in full swing. For most people, it’s a special time of the year—and often a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. But holidays can also be stressful and exhausting.

Last-minute rushing, early mornings and late nights, stress about finances, lack of time, and concerns about risks to our health—especially with the pandemic still going on—can bring a surprising level of anxiety and tiredness. This makes self-care more important than ever.

But worry not as KalaVita, a next-generation natural gummy supplement brand, has got you covered. Their nature-powered vegan gummies are formulated to optimize your daily health and wellness—all in one bite.  

Established on the foundation of innovation, simplicity, and delight and using a patented, scientifically proven formula, KalaVita produces gluten-free, sugar-free, cruelty-free, and vegan products. These products not only help to protect your body but also give you the boost you need to power up and go.

The company, which is registered with the US FDA, is the brainchild of Lei Qi and Nina Zhang who always believed supporting one’s health shouldn’t be complicated.

Growing up in the East, educated in the West, and traveling the world as consultants, they grew to appreciate different flavors and were looking to create unique, science-driven solutions that would not only fit in with their lifestyle but also be exciting to taste.

“And so, after a ton of research, pulling in a top team of experts in food science, and nutrition, we found our solution: simple, effective supplements in original tea flavors that complement our body’s in-built systems and protect our health,” they say on their website about how KalaVita was born.

Educating the Community

In comments to StartupBeat, Qi said they believe in educating and empowering their community as well as selling the benefits, not just the ingredients, to their customers.

“Supplements can be overwhelming. We want to help you understand the ingredients and how the formulation can help with your daily activities. We want to make taking supplements enjoyable and easy to understand so that we look forward to consuming them every day,” she said.

That’s why KalaVita spent way more time on their pre-launch R&D, looking for the best ingredients and experimenting with different base blends and formulations. For example, for their first product Focus Focus! They did nine rounds of customer, quite fittingly, focus groups before they finalized the formula, base, and taste.

“We didn’t want to just pick from the existing formulas on the market and make it another gummy product. We want to be different by creating our own base blend, our own formula and proprietary blend, and our own unique tastes, including iced lemon tea flavor and jasmine tea flavor.”

100% Natural Formula

Their zero-sugar sweetener comes from a variety of fruits and plants. These include naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in Birch Wood, natural compounds extracted from Stevia leaves, and naturally sourced sugar made from sugar beets. And unlike most gelatin gummy vitamins, their plant-based gelling agent is derived from Pectin.  

Their products have a wide range of benefits, including enhanced focus, improved memory, and better mood and sleep quality. Although their product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, boosting in the aforementioned departments sets your body and immune system up for success this holiday season. 

Ultimately, the company hopes to drive the industry by applying research power to the actual nutrition carriers.

“For decades, companies’ attention has been solely on the functional ingredients because that’s what drives people to buy. But since most Americans take supplements every day, we want to upgrade the nutrition carriers,” said Qi. “When you take a deeper look at the nutrition facts, however, you see tons of sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring, etc. That’s why we spent tons of resources on the carrier itself to provide a really clean and functional solution.”

Good Will Towards Man

“There are businesses where you see money but you don’t see how they benefit humankind or the universe. Do not go into those spaces,” said Qi. “There are fundamental things that we all feel positive about just being around it. Find things that genuinely make you happy and make others feel what you feel—making for an intrinsically valuable business.”  

In these times of uncertainty, it is important for businesses to prioritize what truly matters and bolster the value of their companies capacity to bring good will towards man. Passion can take businesses a long way, as seen through KalaVita’s 100% natural supplements, providing people everywhere access to a silent partner for their body and their health this holiday season.Visit their website now to get your hands on their special holiday offers.

Disclaimer: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.