Lighting pitch: The organic color-changing tea that’s more than just eye-candy

By Tim Hinchliffe September 14, 2016

Company: Bluechai – an organic tea brand that boasts a unique selection of color changing blue teas. Fancy.

Headquarters: Germany

Founding team: Stefan Dorn, Nawaporn Chotechamchoi and Barbara Dorn

Why we like it: Tea, glorious, tea. Green tea, black tea, milky tea, chai tea, tea before bed, tea when you wake up, tea with your tea… Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more types of tea, a new color-changing tea appears on the scene. The best thing about it – it’s all natural.

Tea and Cocktail startup Bluechai make their tea from 100 per cent organic butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass. Sounds like it comes from a fairytale, doesn’t it?

The magical butterfly flower, also commonly known as ‘Asian pigeonwings’ and scientifically identified as ‘Clitoria ternatea’ – although neither conjure up such dainty, family-friendly images as ‘butterfly pea’ does, is naturally blue and is thought to be so to protect against harmful UV rays.

The deep blue color of turns purple when there’s a change in pH value, for example, by adding a few drops of citrus juice. If that wasn’t cool enough, you can then change it back to blue by adding baking soda. I wouldn’t make it change color too many times though, or your tea might taste more like soap than herbs.

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The blue tea isn’t just a pretty face, it’s also good for you and good for the planet. It’s packed full of antioxidants such as Proanthocyanidin and Athocyanin which cut the risk of cancer and other diseases, boost brainpower and enhance vision among many other health benefits. 
The fact that Bluechai is organic also protects you from toxic substances and benefits the environment at the same time. It even uses sustainable packaging made from aluminum and wood-based materials which can be reused to reduce waste. That surely deserves a big green tick.

Dubbed as the next big thing in the exotic beverage category by NYC tea specialist, Katy Chan, the product can be used for fascinating effects in the food service industry, be it naturally blue rice, noodles or blue cocktails – all without any chemicals, sugars or caffeine.

This mystical concoction ain’t no average drink, that’s for sure.

By Holly Eustance

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