Blueprint Registry’s top trending kitchen gifts for the holidays

By Hannah Lindstadt December 21, 2017

As a kid, Christmas gifts were the best. Each brightly wrapped package you unwrapped Christmas morning was guaranteed to contain something new and exciting that was going to change your whole life with its unfathomable funness. As an adult, the gifts we give and get tend to be all to utilitarian. How many decorative soaps and scented candles does an adult’s home really need?

If you are still trying to find that perfect gift for that difficult-to-buy-for someone, then you may find it among the following short list, curated with the insight of the gift registry site Blueprint Registry

You see, lots of other holiday shoppers have already purchased gifts this holiday season (hey, no judgment here, I am just saying…) and from that data, Blueprint Registry has identified the top trending gifts this season, that are sure to add some fun to any kitchen.  

So now that it is officially “crunch time” for gift buying, to help you out, here are the top five kitchen gifts trending on the gift registry site Blueprint Registry.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 

There are a few classic gifts that really never go out of style, and gift givers this year have been loving this cast-iron skillet. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon somehow taste extra hearty when prepared in a heavy skillet. Cast iron creates superior heat retention, heats evenly, and loves a campfire. Sauté, sear, fry, bake and stir fry to your heart’s content, with the famous easy cleanup.


OSTER® Immersion Hand Blender 

The Oster® Immersion Hand Blender is compact and versatile and everyone and their dog has been adding it to their gift wishlists. At 250 watts, the immersion blender has fingertip control and a durable S-blade design. Clean up is a breeze with the detachable rod, and your gift receiver is sure to love its smoldering style. And remember, when you give gifts that help your loved ones make food, it increases the chance that they will make you food in the future.   


KAI Essential Knife Set 

We might be able to take a stab at guessing why so many people want knives at the end of this chaotic 2017 year, but we will withhold comment…This color-coded knife series is made exclusively for Williams-Sonoma by KAI, one of Japan’s largest and most historic cutlery companies. Comprised of seven essential knives, this set adds bright color to daily food prep along with super-sharp performance, lightweight handling and easy dishwasher cleaning.


Touchless Tare High-Capacity Glass Scale

With its generous 30-pound capacity, this elegant scale is ideal for everything from weighing ingredients for a single loaf of bread or a season’s worth of fruit preserves to calculating per-pound cooking time for the Thanksgiving turkey.

It tares with a wave of your hand—no need to press a button with slippery, messy fingers. The easy-to-read digital screen displays weights in 0.01-oz. increments, a fine calibration that’s especially crucial for baking. Thanks to Salter’s Aquatronic® feature, the scale precisely measures liquid ingredients too, minimizing the need for measuring cups.


Glass Herb Keeper 

This last gift trend idea is a bit out of the box, but very “in a cylinder”, if you know what I mean. This sleek smart system designed to fit on a refrigerator shelf or door keeps herbs fresh and green for up to two weeks longer than traditional storing methods. Th unprocessed herbs stand in a plastic water reservoir; silicone leaf topper allows you to lift and cut herbs without removing them from the glass canister.