What business superstars all do alike

By Editor December 15, 2015

EricHeadShotCopyrightSkipDoughty.jpgThere might be a ton of things that distinguish those who are successful and those who miss the boat, but I also do notice one common denominator—’Drive’: A willingness to succeed, and to fail. That’s right, I said to fail. I notice a few things that fuel this drive—activities they do that foster success. Here they are:

1. They are willing to fall on their face and fail. Success comes from risk, and that risk usually requires failures before people get to where they want to be. I see a lot of successful people taking those risks almost every day, every time they’re faced with a tough decision. These folks go for it, put themselves out there and never play it safe. What does this do? If they’re not fearful of failing, they almost inevitably put themselves in a position to win. As they say, “Behind every mistake is an opportunity to learn.”

2. They create daily goals and achieve them. Successful people are always focused on success, and this requires daily, achievable goals. A bunch of daily goals equals lifetime accomplishments. They stay focused on what they want every day, and do the things they need to do each day to get to the finish line. Less successful people usually drift, remain unfocused and usually aren’t controlling any outcome.

3. They work to succeed. This may sound funny, but think about it. Many people work because they think that’s what you’re supposed to do. They put their hours in, with really no focus on what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. Successful people work to succeed, not just to work. They are passionate about creating, contributing and learning. This is what leads to goals being met, success being achieved, and ultimately, dreams becoming reality.

4. They don’t play the victim. Successful folks know that excuses, situations and circumstances don’t really change outcomes. When things go awry, the successful person treats it as an opportunity, not an impossible situation. Unsuccessful people spend too much time blaming things. Successful people take on the circumstances and don’t apologize or make excuses.

Eric Lofholm is a Master Sales Trainer, author, business success guru, communications expert, and lauded speaker who has presented his proprietary, proven sales and success systems to Titans of Industry and thousands of other professionals worldwide. He founded and serves as CEO for Eric Lofholm International, Inc.—an organization that professionally trains achievement-minded individuals and employee groups on the art and science of selling. Connect with Eric online at www.SalesChampion.com.