ClickASnap launches to put power back in photographers’ hands

By Oliver Griffin August 30, 2016

New startup ClickASnap has reported more than 1.8 million visits a month, just 14 weeks after launching. The platform, which self-describes as Spotify for photos, says the number of visits are growing at a rate of 200,000 per week. 

ClickASnap is easy enough to understand. Would-be photographers just create a profile and upload their images. Other users can then search for image tags, or follow you directly. The big differentiator between ClickASnap and Instagram, however, is that every time someone views a photo, a photographer receives some money.

“I see no limit on what people can earn from their photos,” said ClickASnap founder Tom Oswald. “The more people that are using the site, the more money everyone can earn.

“Imagine if all those photos you upload to Instagram or Facebook every day could also be earning you an income? Those companies are worth billions and absolutely none of that is being passed on to the creators. We want to flip that on its head.”

Future plans

Oswald also explained that, in future, users will be able to sell images as stock photography or prints. Essentially, ClickASnap is taking aim at entry barriers in the photography industry. The startup says that, if a photographer is popular, they could make a living from their work.

ClickASnap follows trends in returning power to content creators. Other platforms, such as UnStock (which StartUp Beat featured in a Hot Take), allow users to make money from video recordings in ways that were previously not possible.

Oswald and the ClickASnap team are also joined by Mike Browne, a celebrated YouTube photographer, who has joined the startup as an investor.


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