Lighting pitch: Say hello to the new Boltt of the sporting world

By Oliver Griffin August 29, 2016

Company: Boltt – a sports tech-brand that is developing next-gen consumer centric solutions for personal health and fitness.

Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Founding team: Arnav Kishore, CEO

Why we love it: With Usain Bolt claiming retirement after clinching an incredible triple at the Rio Olympics, perhaps we can find room for another Bolt, or Boltt, in our sporting lives. Boltt combines sports and wearable-tech in a 21st century bid to help us all get much more active.

Indian startup Boltt is dreaming big, waiting to launch a new revolution in AI and wearable sports-tech. Think The Terminator meets the Olympics. Well, not exactly, but you get what we mean. The brand plans on launching a three pronged attack on sports, looking at wearables, tech, and interactive coaching.

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Over the last 12 months Kishore has put together a team to develop a ‘virtual coaching intelligence’ tool that will guide users to derive actionable insights from the data harvested by the wearable products. Kishore says that through a combination of rapid prototyping and developing complex algorithms and coding, the Boltt team hopes to improve the health and fitness industry.

Wearables and tech basically concentrate on combining clothes with tech to feed directly into interactive. Boltt plans on building an interactive app that converts data gathered from its wearables and tech into “usable insights”. Basically, you’ll be able to coach yourself more competently using the advice Boltt gives on training and running programs, as well as extra advice on things such as activity, nutrition and sleep.

The launch proper will be taking place in batches from September and follows the growing trend for wearable tech the world over. Today Boltt has a set of influencers and advisers ranging from marathoners; tri-athletes; data scientists; world renowned biokineticists; nutritionists and sleep experts from across the globe.


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