Creating a landing page that stands out, with RankOne Chief Marketing Executive, Andrew Oziemblo

By Sam Brake Guia August 5, 2019

With so much noise on the internet, drawing attention to a landing page can be a struggle. When you are up against so much competition online, it takes something very special fused with expert knowledge to really draw users in.

Fortunately, even if you are not an expert, there are professionals out there that can help, such as Andrew Oziemblo, Chief Marketing Executive of RankOne, a full-service digital marketing company offering services like SEO optimization, local search optimization, content marketing, mobile optimization, and more. We spoke with Oziemblo to find out what really makes a landing page stand out from the rest.

1. What is the best way to attract visitors to a landing page (LP)?
 – They all produce results, typically Google Search produces the largest volume, but I recommend a combination effort of organic rankings, PPC ads, targeted display ads, short clips, infographics, social media or youtube postings.

2. What advice do you have for creating excellent graphic designs for an LP?
 – Unless you are a professional photographer or graphic artist, I would recommend using stock photography or hiring out the photography and graphic design to the pros. You only have a few seconds and one shot at creating the right impression that delivers results.

3. What advice do you have on writing copy that will ensure LP forms get filled?
– Definitely stick to the KISS principle here, and keep the copy light.  Great landing pages deliver on the promise that got the visitor there in the first place. Use punchy imagery and provide a clear direction.

4. What is the best way to analyze metrics from an LP campaign?
– Metrics can be easily tracked via a google analytics code placed on the page or associated forms, phone numbers, etc.  There are of course more robust solutions out there, but Google Analysis is free and plenty powerful for most.

5. What general advice do you have for creating an amazing landing page?
– Don’t create a Vegas Casino floor here! Keep your landing pages clean and minimalistic.  Spend a good amount of time on the creative quality and substance.  Eliminate anything that is not critical to the message the page is trying to convey.  Be obvious about what you what your audience to do.

6. On a separate note, standing out online as a marketing agency must be difficult, after all, you are trying to stand out against other experts in this industry. How does RankOne stand out online, above and beyond other online marketing agencies?

– RankOne Marketing stands out by leveraging technology, creative talent, and developers with experienced Marketing Executives.  Our aim is not to sell our clients a specific service, but to become their partner in growing their business.  To us, results are what matter most — and we deliver.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company