Cyber security risks facing your startup

By Editor June 14, 2016

Small businesses and startups are the engines of ingenuity, bringing vital goods and services to our community on a daily basis. The local support it takes to get a small business up-and-running matters, and so does the trust it takes to build and maintain local customers. Small business owners hold a hefty responsibility to be a positive part of the community. What they may lack though is the awareness and commitment to protect customer and employee data from being stolen or exposed.

In an age where nearly all business transactions are electronic, the dedication it takes to protect that information from cyber thieves is critical to business longevity. The idea that small businesses are not targets for a cyber attack or that employees know how to avoid exposing confidential information is simply incorrect.

Don’t take the risk of losing you what you’ve worked hard to grow. Micro, nano and small businesses accounted for 85 percent of all 2014 data breach claims. The infographic above offers up some facts to help you understand the costly consequences of not putting into place protections against a data breach.