Dolmarie Mendez, CEO and co-founder of Abartys Health, joins the Social Geek Advisory Board

By Sam Brake Guia August 8, 2018

Since 2012, Social Geek has brought the best technology news to Spanish-speaking readers, and during these years there have been many notable achievements, including being recognized as the best technology blog in Colombia with the 2015 TW Awards. This award came after the site passed the average of 1 million monthly visits during 2016, and continues to reach more than 550 thousand followers on social networks to date.

The site is passionate about sharing the best stories of entrepreneurship and everything that happens in the world Tech, and we are now proud to announce that Dolmarie Mendez, CEO and co-founder of Abartys Health, joins the Board of Advisors at Social Geek.

Mendez is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to create a revolutionary startup that brings great value to the health industry. She has also become a symbol for the power of Latinas and the capacity for entrepreneurship and innovation that exists in the region.

From Puerto Rico, a direct bridge to the United States, where she directs her company Abartys Health, Mendez will contribute to the management of Social Geek with her incredible wealth of knowledge and years of experience that have helped her create her own company.

Dolmarie Mendez

Dolmarie Mendez

Social Geek will be able to count on the advice of people with extensive knowledge in the innovation industry, and who have somehow managed to generate a positive impact on society through technology.

With close to 15 years of experience in the health industry, Mendez identified a latent problem and decided to co-found a startup with her business partner that provides a transparent and accessible network for patients, suppliers, doctors and insurance companies, with the ultimate goal of reducing health care costs, providing patients with access to their records and helping to reduce the loss of $750B that affects the health sector in the United States alone.

Thanks to the collaboration of prominent figures in the sector, Social Geek can now offer its readers a deeper insight into the fundamentals of the world of technology.

In recent years Social Geek has supported different programs dedicated to innovation in Latin America and the whole world, generating great alliances and serving as Media Partner in different events that support startup entrepreneurs and founders.

*This article was originally posted on our sister site Social Geek