European steel giant CELSA launches startup accelerator

By Oliver Griffin October 28, 2016

CELSA Group – one of Europe’s largest steel producers – and CELSA Steel UK, based in Cardiff, Wales, has launched a program to find the most intelligent solutions for steel production.

Innovators and would-be entrepreneurs – including those with no business experience – will be mentored by CELSA in a bid to provide local communities with more skills.

The program from CELSA is looking for creativity and lateral thinking solutions across five themes. These are energy storage; traceability in the supply chain; 3D printing; smart steel and use of by-products.

CELSA Steel UK CEO Luis Sanz said,  “We want people from all over the [UK] – especially from its industrial heartlands – to partner with CELSA to turn their great ideas into viable businesses.

“The [UK] government has called on companies to be part of the UK’s skills revolution, and joining the Ingenium Start-Up Accelerator is a great way to learn business skills from a company that provides employment to 6,000 people in the UK.”

Startups’ ideas will be evaluated on how they solve the above listed problems, the innovative thinking they demonstrate, and other criteria. Selected entrepreneurs will be sent to Barcelona to present their ideas to executives and be mentored by the CELSA group. Winners can try and sell their ideas across the network.


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