Extreme Sports Accessories Developer Launches LED Lighting For Snowboarders To Shred Night Slopes

By Sam Brake Guia April 30, 2018

Blizzard LED announced Monday it has opened up pre-orders for it’s specially engineered snowboard LED accessory system, designed to light up your night rides. With thousands of LEDs, more than 50 lighting modes, and a dozen snowboarding tricks that are all controlled through an app, this snowboard LED accessory will make you the coolest night rider on the slopes.

Blizzard LED is focused on creating high-tech extreme sport accessories. The new snowboard LED accessory is designed as a mount, which fits at the top part of any snowboard. The LED sensors and microcomputer have a trick detection feature that causes the lights to react to the snowboarder’s moves. For example, the LED animation speed will increase as a rider picks up speed. When a rider makes a 360 jump, LED animation changes to mimic the spin. The lighting also provides an added safety element for night snowboarding. With increased visibility, a collision on the slope is less likely.

A Blizzard LED app (available on iOS and Android) connects users to the LED mount via bluetooth, allowing them to analyze descents, monitor battery health and status, locate the gnarliest routes and meet up with other riders. More importantly, snowboarders can use the app to customize the lighting schemes, with over 50 different options, making them shine when they want and where they want.

“For serious snowboarders looking cool is just as important on the slopes as it is on a night out,” said Vlad Kytai, Managing partner of Blizzard LED. “The latest, customizable LED technology is the best way to allow them to add a personal stylistic touch whilst they are out on the slopes.”

With over 7.6 million snowboarders in the U.S. alone, the sport remains a popular mountainside activity. In fact, 2017 saw an increase in the number of youth snowboarders by 6%, according to SnowSports Industries America (SIA). A huge part of snowboarding is looking the part, which is why total sales of snowboarding equipment can often reach over $400 million each year. Blizzard LED’s snowboard accessory will give more riders a visual edge when documenting their twists and turns, or simply light up a fun ride down with friends.

“Blizzard LED is that kind of product that brings excitement to the world of snowboarding. As a stand out, innovative accessory, everyone is going to want one on the slopes,” added Kytai.

Blizzard LED is currently available for pre-order, at a discount, here.