Featured Startup Pitch: CottonBrew’s online tailoring service offers made-to-measure suits for professionals

By Editor April 5, 2016

COMPANY: CottonBrew


CottonBrew uses smart technology to provide a simple and accurate way for shoppers to buy a custom tailored suit or shirt.


CottonBrew’s platform allows men to select the fabric of their garment and customize the style. Users provide sizing information, such as height and weight, and upload three photos to build a personal body profile. CottonBrew’s smart imaging technology takes measurements from the photos to create a custom-fitted suit or shirt. This free service also provides sizing information that people can use to tailor their existing wardrobe.

The company offers a 100-day money back guarantee. However customers are rarely displeased, and CottonBrew founders claim that 95 percent of customers get the right fit.


Ecommerce personal tailoring services have, until now, been limited to the online model reliant on self-measurement guided by video instructions. This method frequently results in inaccuracies due to the complexity and training needed to take measurements. The alternative, which costs around double the price includes the involvement of sales teams and personal fitting to customize the garment.

CottonBrew uses smart technology to cut out the middle-man and ensure the most accurate fit, harnessing the power of ecommerce and transforming an antiquated industry.

The founders’ vision is to help every person find their perfect fit, and use technology to become everyone’s private tailor.


CottonBrew was founded in 2013 by former Google and McKinsey consultant George Li.

The initiative originally started off as a side project, allowing Li to solve his own frustration of finding clothes that fit, fuelled by word-of-mouth and stellar customer feedback transformed into a full-time business. Today, the majority of CottonBrew’s customers are career-oriented individuals, from companies such as McKinsey, Accenture, and Google.

CottonBrew is currently in the 2016 Spring StartX startup accelerator program, and has recently partnered with nationwide fraternity Lambda Phi Epsilon to expand its presence across over 45 universities.


CottonBrew provides competitive pricing for customized tailored suits. Suit prices start at $399 — they also offer shirts, blazers, accessories, and wedding attire.

Users can also obtain a discount code for first-time purchases by simply visiting CottonBrew.com. Fitting is free, and measurements and sizing are saved for future shopping.

HEADQUARTERS: Santa Clara, California

WEBSITE: cottonbrew.com


TWITTER: @CottonBrew

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/CottonBrew

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/cotton_brew