Featured Startup Pitch: Appodeal – Programmatic mobile advertising mediators bringing new leverage to the developer community

By Editor December 11, 2015


COMPANY: Appodeal


Appodeal brings power to the mobile publisher with easy-to- integrate programmatic ad mediation technology, driving revenues for thousands of app developers.


Appodeal offers programmatic ad mediation solutions for mobile apps, allowing them to automate the management of multiple ad networks in order to effectively monetize their apps. Its technology drives increased profits for app developers through engaging these ad networks in real-time auction-based competition for every ad impression.

By using sophisticated real-time algorithms mobile publishers benefit from higher revenues—without the manual work of managing waterfall schemas. Appodeal is integrated with all top networks such as AdMob, AdColony, MoPub, AppLovin, Chartboost, LiveRail and InMobi, as well as exchanges, demand side platforms, and trading desks.

With Appodeal, today over 4,000 apps receive over 1.8 billion monthly impressions. Appodeal is tailored to enable developers of all sizes to effectively monetize their creations with a solution created by the app community, for the app community—putting them in the driver’s seat.


For too long the mobile advertising world has favored the advertiser, giving the buyer the power to dictate the market. Appodeal is turning the tables, giving the power to the developer.

Auction-based vs. Waterfall

Traditional advertising mediators require users to manage multiple ad networks themselves through the use of waterfall schemas. This means analyzing performance metrics across various data groups and adjusting network share based on success metrics, for every demand source. Appodeal’s technology means every network bids a value with the highest payer selected to give the publisher maximum revenues, with minimum efforts.

Mitigating second price auction

Appodeal uses dynamic price floors to prevent publishers from losing revenue due to second price auction.

Data enrichment

Every auction is enriched with demographic user data, including age, sex, address, zip code, GPS, income, parental status, etc. Having user data in place means demand sources pay higher prices for the specific audiences they are interested in and for whom the product is more relevant, in turn driving higher performance and advertiser ROI. This data can also be used to create direct deals (sponsorships) over OpenRTB PMP on any RTB exchange.

Immediate payouts

Appodeal collects revenues from demand sources and advances these payouts, meaning publishers are paid within 30 days or immediately—they can decide exactly when. Appodeal aggregates these payments, minimizing the manual work, without needing to collect payments from individual demand sourc


CEO Pavel Golubev is a veteran of the mobile publishing space. His experiences have enabled many free apps to become profitable solely from the advertising revenue generated in place of alternative forms of monetization.  

Golubev developed Alpha Production, a large publishing business, with over four million daily active users across Android and iOS apps. It was through developing the company’s proprietary technology and optimizing various sources of revenue that Appodeal was born.


Appodeal’s business model means all profits go directly to the publishers. Appodeal gains revenue by selling a part of publishers’ inventory directly to advertisers in the instance that direct advertisers offer a better rate than any ad network.



WEBSITE: appodeal.com


FACEBOOK: facebook.com/appodeal