Featured Startup Pitch: Originally named ‘Intercourse,’ now-rebranded Feedback Fast enables presenters to gain instant feedback from audiences via smartphone

By Editor January 27, 2014
Courtesy of Feedback Fast.

Courtesy of Feedback Fast.By Murray Hurps, Feedback Fast co-founder

Elevator Pitch: Feedback Fast provides a way to simultaneously record your pitch and the entire audience’s feelings towards it, so that your pitch can be improved in the future.

Product/Service Description

Feedback Fast is an app for iOS that records a video of your presentation, and gives a URL for the audience to open on their phones. They can express how they feel while you present, using ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ buttons, or by entering a short comment. The video can then be viewed with their feedback shown on top as it plays.

Courtesy of Feedback Fast.

Founder’s Story

When I was seven, I used to pray before bed that I would one day be running a software company.

I’m now 30, I’ve been running Ad Muncher for 15 years, have provided filtering tech for several other startups, and have launched a variety of products in the last year, including ImHere.io, leaptouch.com, and Feedback Fast; and I’m still loving every second of it.

I’m passionate about the Australian startup scene, and do volunteer work for #StartupAUS and the Startup Muster survey that will be launching soon.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

I’m most excited about the kind of real-world viral loop we can get from people using Feedback Fast at events, and the audience downloading the app after they have voted. It’s a slower kind of loop, but one that hasn’t been utilized much.

I’m encouraging the use of Feedback Fast at hackathons for judging purposes, which then makes the judging a more helpful process for the participants.

Originally, we launched the product under the name ‘Intercourse.’ While this wasn’t a marketing strategy, the interest it generated before our rebrand to ‘Feedback Fast’ was very useful as well.

Market Opportunity

Surprisingly, I still haven’t found a direct competitor in this space. It’s solving a need that we have seen for years in the startup environment, and it’s hard to imagine any person that is practicing a pitch or presentation and who couldn’t benefit from this kind of honest, anonymous feedback capture.

We weren’t expecting the interest we received from people in other industries, such as education and consulting, but are excited to find more surprising opportunities like this.

Courtesy of Feedback Fast.How We Differentiate From the Competition

For live feedback on a pitch, our competition at the moment is really just asking people for their opinions directly. Our system provides a much more exact way of capturing this data, with anonymity to encourage honesty, and the ability to scale to large audiences easily.

If direct competition does emerge, we’ll use our first-mover advantage to provide a superior experience, and our free model to encourage distribution.

Business Model

Currently, we’re seeing how much demand there is for the product. If the demand is there, we’ll look to monetize by adding useful paid features, while keeping the existing functionality free.

Current Needs

We want to introduce Feedback Fast to everyone that would benefit from it—anyone that’s presenting to an audience and needs their feedback, and wants to make sure that their pitch is perfect when it really needs to be. If that’s you, please download Feedback Fast today.

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Courtesy of Feedback Fast.Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Website: www.feedbackfast.com

Founders: Murray Hurps, Ronald Suwandi 

Investors: Bootstrapped

Year Founded: 2013

Employees: 2

Twitter: @murrayhurps