Featured Startup Pitch: jobdreaming is turning the hiring process on its head by throwing out the resume

By Editor December 27, 2012

jobdreaming logoCompany: jobdreaming

Website: www.jobdreaming.com

Founders: Kevin Watson, Chris Rickborn and Marc Slack

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Year Founded: 2012

Investors: Undisclosed

Employees: 5

Twitter: @jobdreaming

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jobdreaming

Brief Company Description: jobdreaming is an innovative web-based service from KMC Software that matches active and passive candidates with recruiters and employers.

Kevin Watson, jobdreamingBy Kevin Watson, co-founder and CEO

Product Overview

Founded in 2012, jobdreaming is an innovative web-based application that matches active and passive job seekers with employers and recruiters. jobdreaming is quick and easy to use, asking candidates to complete a simple fill-in-the-blank sentence to describe the job they are looking for. Plus, because our site collects only email addresses, not resumes, cover letters or applications, it is confidential to use, and is therefore uniquely positioned to attract passive candidates.

We have all thought about a different job at some point in our career. Whether it’s a promotion, a change in the industry or it’s just time for a new job, everyone has thought about it. The challenge is finding that great job without spending your day trolling job boards or fielding calls from recruiters. We created jobdreaming to help people find their perfect job without anyone knowing they’re looking.

With jobdreaming, we’ve created a new and more efficient way of connecting qualified workers with employers and/or recruiters. Instead of job seekers emailing their resume to tens or hundreds of email addresses, or wasting their time filling out detailed online applications, we decided to reinvent the hiring process by significantly reducing the time it takes to see if there’s a match. For individuals, all it takes is 30 seconds for them to describe their dream job by completing one fill-in-the-blank sentence. For employers or recruiters, they can post a job opening in under 60 seconds.

Founders’ Story

Prior to jobdreaming, I was the chairman and CEO of Verid, one of the largest providers of identity verification software to the financial services industry. I led Verid’s raising of over $20 million in equity prior to the company’s sale to EMC in 2007.

Before Verid, I was the co-founder of C/max Capital where I led investments in Verid, Adjoined Consulting and About.com, all of which had highly successful exits.

After Verid was acquired, my co-founders and I formed KMC Software where we went quickly to work on creating easy-to-use web-based solutions that would save recruiters and employers time and money, as well as helping candidates find their perfect job.

Marketing/Promotion Strategy

Our marketing strategy is built on a mix of online advertising and direct marketing. With jobdreaming, our goal is to have candidates and recruiters take less than a minute to see how easy the site is to use, and we’re convinced they’ll be hooked.

How Our Company Differentiates Itself from the Competition

Simply, we’re the only web-based service that matches active and passive candidates with recruiters and employers in a simple, easy-to-use manner.

We’ve reinvented the way that recruiters/employers connect with job candidates. Instead of requiring resumes, cover letters or lengthy applications, candidates can describe their dream job in literally less than 30 seconds. Then, when a match is found, they’ll be notified by email, where they can answer a few follow-up questions to qualify their experience as well as to ensure they’re still interested in the position.

For recruiters, jobdreaming is far more productive than current recruitment methods. A recruiter shouldn’t spend their time hunting through resumes or sending spammy emails in the hopes of finding a candidate. Jobdreaming changes the game by allowing recruiters to focus only on interested candidates who match their criteria and who confirm they’re interested in the position. The feedback we’ve been hearing from recruiters so far is, ‘How come no one else thought of that.’ We’ve been blessed with the wonderful reception jobdreaming has received so far.

Business Model

jobdreaming will always be free for job candidates. While we’re currently in beta, recruiters and employers can add job postings for free.

The business model for future growth will be to begin charging recruiters and employers.

Current Needs

We’re always open to hearing from interested and motivated investors.

jobdreaming – www.jobdreaming.com