Featured Startup Pitch: LetsInductMe – Get new employees or contractors up-to-speed on your business, quickly and easily

By Editor October 5, 2015

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COMPANY: LetsInductMe


Quick-and-easy inductions for your staff and visitors.


LetsInductMe allows HR departments with little or no knowledge of HTML or web programming to quickly and easily set up multiple inductions for internal team members or external visitors. Staff or contractors can now take inductions on their own mobile or desktops no matter where they are.

Inductions are critical for maintaining workplace safety and to comply with OH&S requirements and work health legislation. Up until now, HR departments have had to rely on external developers or designers to create them, at great expense. But by using LetsInductMe, anyone can create a step-by-step induction training course, complete with pictures and diagrams and links to important documents, using our built in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

You can even create questionnaires within your inductions to ensure that the inductee really understands your policies and procedures before moving forward. You can invite anyone to take an induction at the comfort of their own home or workplace. Visitors can even do them on their mobile phone while waiting in your lobby!

We provide a completely risk free, no obligation trial for 30 days for anyone who wishes to try out our web app. Simply go to www.letsinduct.me to set up a trial account. No credit card information required until you wish to sign up for a plan.


There are many companies that provide web-based inductions for businesses, but we believe that our differentiator is that we are much more cost effective, and we are totally transparent about our pricing and features. Many others tend to hide their pricing and associated hidden costs from prospective users, but we believe in laying all our cards on the table.

We have also not included many complex ‘features’ that other competitors have because we wanted to keep things simple enough so that an HR manager/officer could quickly and easily create an induction in under an hour, without having to rely on a web designer or HTML programmer.

Having said that, we are always happy to step in if asked, to help any of our users to create an induction training package for a small ‘per page’ fee.


LetsInductMe was created by Devan Sabaratnam, who has been programming since the early eighties. Having run his own business for the past three decades, he has an intimate understanding of what it takes to streamline productivity and get the most out of your data.

Devan is constantly pushing himself to learn and keep up with new technologies and platforms. He fully embraces the concept of empowering non-technical users to be able to embrace software solutions to achieve their goals.


Free 30-day trial, then either $24.99 or $49.99 or $99.99 per month, depending on plan.
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HEADQUARTERS: Darwin, Australia

WEBSITE: letsinduct.me


TWITTER: @LetsInductMe

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Lets-Induct-Me-1454770688178999/timeline