Featured Startup Pitch: My Recruiting Team – Streamlining and easing the new employee recruitment process

By Editor May 10, 2016

COMPANY: My Recruiting Team


My Recruiting Team is a startup launching on June 1st to address the pain points experienced by mid-to-large organizations in their search for high talented candidates.


Why are we doing this?

We are a group of professional executives who have experienced this first hand.

– Frustrated candidates and poor candidate experience
– Recruiter turnover rates can be high–replacement costs are even higher
– Average interview process can take long (22.9 days according to Glassdoor Economic Research)
– High organizational costs due to (internal recruiters costs + agency fees + social media fees + other costs)

Which markets are we addressing?

American and Canadian mid-to-large size organizations to start. We will address further markets as we expand our operations.

What are our core values?

– Excellence
– Professionalism
– Transparency


As My Recruiting Team’s founder and chief executive officer, Raji Wahidy leads yet another effort of transforming the way organizations do their business by allowing them to focus more on their strategic, sales, and operational activities by taking away the long hours and pain of recruiting exceptional talent at a reasonable cost to organizations.

Raji brings along 15-plus years of experience in the telecommunications industry (Sales, Service, Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT and HR) along with a proven record of achievement and excellence with the world’s most renowned organizations, including Vodafone and Ericsson.

Visionary with strong business acumen resulting in driving global initiatives, strategic business plans, global transformation programs, standardized operations, customer satisfaction, revenue generation and cost cutting.

Raji has successfully led Vodafone’s efforts to re-enter the U.S. market through Vodafone’s mobility offering riding on the T-Mobile network (October 22, 2015), along with the launch of Vodafone’s Customer Experience Center in New York City (July 8, 2015).

Raji is recognized with 15-plus global enterprise-wide achievement awards (including CEO awards).

Raji holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications), a master’s degree in Quality Systems Engineering and Business Administration (Procurement & Supply Chain Management), and a Doctorate degree in Management (Organizational Leadership).

Please find here a link to My Recruiting Team’s Leadership Team.


-There is nothing more frustrating than an outsourced recruiter who reaches out to you for a job that is not fit for your experience. These are generalists rather than specialized recruiters. We only hire specialists.

-We do NOT outsource our recruiters overseas to save on cost. This is one of the most competitive markets and deserves the proper attention and expertise of local hires. We only hire in the U.S. and Canada, to start (we will always hire specialized local market recruiters as we expand our operations).

– We are committed to reducing an organization’s recruitment costs by up-to 40 percent. How? Unlike our competition, we do not have much overhead. We have the technology, KPIs, and processes that will realize immediate savings to organizations.

– We hire dedicated recruiters for each organization based on their hiring needs.

– We are so confident that we are offering a three-months commitment-free trial. If the organization doesn’t like our services, they can leave without any penalty.

HEADQUARTERS: Buffalo, Wyoming

WEBSITE: myrecruitingteam.com


TWITTER: @MyRecruitingTm

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/my-recruiting-team-llc

GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+Myrecruitingteam