Featured Startup Pitch: Text-Writers – A freelance writing marketplace that offers all kinds of content

By Editor May 31, 2016

COMPANY: Text-Writers


One place to get all kinds of content requirements fulfilled.


Text-Writers is a newly launched advanced freelance writing job marketplace that connects professional writers with businesses and individuals in need of different types of content. Text-Writers deals in over 200 subject categories and accepts orders for different types of academic and professional write-ups including website content, whitepapers, articles, press releases, infographics, video scripts, essays, research papers, thesis and dissertation, and so on.

Clients can place orders simply by selecting the appropriate subject category and write-up type and post the job on the platform. Interested writers bid on the posted job in the same fashion as in traditional freelancing platforms and get to decide the price for the write-up they are bidding for. After that, clients choose the writer they find to be the right match for that particular job.

On project completion, clients can rate and review the writer based on their performance, which ultimately helps other clients in finding a better writer match for their content requirements.


In contrast to the existing freelancing job portals, whether exclusive for writers or not, Text-Writers comprises loads of unique features that simplifies job posting, job finding, progress tracking, and the over-all content requirement fulfillment process.

Clients have the option to choose writers based on location, required content quality and deadline. Notification for a posted job is only sent to the most appropriate writers. Given the vast variety of content requirements that Text-Writers addresses, professional writers to students and stay-at-home moms looking for part-time jobs can register on the website to make some good money.

Apart from the chat feature, Text-Writers also allows writers to share the work progress details with clients by copying the completed part in a text-box provided in their dashboard. Text-Writers has an advanced review and rating system that helps clients in finding better writers match.

And last, but not least: on Text-Writers, apart from doing custom content, writers can also upload their pre-written and unused articles to make instant money. Text-Writers also assists clients in reusing the content they have purchased on the website.


Andrew Skuba is the founder and CEO of Text-Writers. Before coming up with Text-Writers, he has been part of many similar endeavors that allow people to make money through different online mediums. The ever-increasing requirement of fresh and quality content inspired Andrew to build a platform that allows businesses and individuals to get their content done, and writers to find relevant content jobs in a seamless manner.

With Text-Writers, Andrew’s next target is to push forth the freelance writer community by introducing them to more writing job opportunities as well as to encourage more people to join it.


Text-Writers makes money by charging a certain percentage of an order value as the commission, whether it is a custom content order or pre-written article purchase.

HEADQUARTERS: Ontario, Canada

WEBSITE: text-writers.com


TWITTER: @Text_Writers

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/TextWriters/

CRUNCHBASE: crunchbase.com/organization/text-writers

VIDEO: youtube.com/watch?v=1WoI1C8RBlc