Featured Startup Pitch: Yieldr’s programmatic marketing solution is built to give advertisers greater insight into their ad spend and better overall results

By Editor December 10, 2014

Tom Triscari, YieldrBy Tom Triscari, Yieldr CEO


Yieldr empowers companies for programmatic marketing using transparent PMP (programmatic marketing platform). We help advertisers activate their data and take control of their marketing spend.


Yieldr is a programmatic marketing platform. As a PMP, we activate advertisers’ data and execute precision marketing campaigns. Our PMP combines the data management capabilities of an advanced DMP, with the media buying capabilities of an advanced DSP, all with dynamic creativity.

Our programmatic marketing solutions involve thorough research of the company’s digital consumer base and its defined goals. We then collaborate with our clients to launch their campaigns and connect their products to the right markets. To ensure positive marketing results, we account for specific campaign strategies, metrics, attainability, and timing, and provide our clients with an individualized and effective end-to-end advertising package.

After a campaign is implemented, we look at a number of variables to continually make improvements and adjustments of our client’s campaign to ensure we maximize its yield. Our transparency methods give the advertiser—our client—full control that ultimately benefits both the campaign and the level of results. Whether it’s filling the last remaining room in a hotel or reaching the load capacity of a flight, we aim to help our clients reach their defined goals. Our technology and approach are the connector between the beating heart of a company’s core business and traceable revenue generation.


Mendel Senf and Niels Baarsma originally founded Yieldr in 2008. Known as ‘Yieldivision’ back then, they were seen as cowboys in direct advertising. With their insight into the growth of programmatic marketing, Niels and Mendel launched a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for direct advertiser CMO and CIO adoption as a primary demand-side enterprise technology.

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We strongly believe that taking programmatic in house in one of its various forms is the best strategy for most advertisers, and as a result we have created Yieldr Enterprise and Yieldr Academy.

Yieldr Enterprise, the platform built for in-house programmatic, provides advertisers with a primary tool needed to take control of programmatic marketing execution.

Yieldr Academy provides the education, applied training and knowledge testing to put an in-house marketing team in the driver’s seat. Yieldr Academy focuses on four different audiences—executive training (c-suite), performance training (marketers), consultancy training (agencies and consultant), and talent recruiting (recent graduates).


According to Magna Global, programmatic spending is to reach $53 billon by 2018, and programmatic advertising will account for 42 percent of global display-related ad spending this year alone. However, roughly 75 percent of this market is a ‘tech tax’ absorbed during the trade between buyer and seller. We call this the ‘surplus value market.’ It’s the bigger part of the programmatic opportunity, where every new incremental trading efficiency puts more marketing to work towards reaching a greater audience. This same shift towards continuous efficiency is also the fuel driving overall programmatic spending. Yieldr is tapping into the ‘surplus value market.’

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We stand out in having the most transparent platform in the industry. Most advertisers work with an agency or a vendor, and receive little-to-no insight into where their money goes across the tech tax. We are encouraging advertisers to take their programmatic ad tech in house, which can happen in various forms, allowing them to gain full clarity. The second area of distinction is how Yieldr operates both upper and lower budgets with high competency in implementing first party data. We feel it is essential to unite brand reach spending with direct response retargeting spending, all while using a single transparent platform.


Since 2008 we have profited by selling managed services to direct advertisers, and charging a percentage fee on media spending via our platform. Currently, we are still making money from managed services, using it as a bridge towards building a broader revenue mix consisting of enterprise SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) subscriptions, agency hybrid deals, and data ingestion consulting fees.


Yieldr is always looking for the best talent across all functional areas of our operations. We are also always looking for big and mid-market brands that want to put their full-funnel display to work, and want to fulfill their need for transparency, data activation, and control.

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