Four startups that help you boost you and your business’ efficiency

By Tim Hinchliffe October 17, 2016

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. How we all strive to be as efficient as little worker ants in their giant colony.

Unfortunately, we don’t possess the same level of cohesion and productivity that exists in the ant world, instead, we look for tools to help us.

Businesses are looking towards technology as a means to help them achieve the most efficient, cohesive management possible. The only thing is, the tech world seems to be a bit exclusive – those who aren’t as tech-savvy as others are often denied access to the best new tools and innovation.

The following efficiency-boosting management tools are easy to use and ideal for all departments and fields.


Grapple is the app that speeds up project and task management by using collaborative intuitive software.

Great for people who are working on the move, its voice recognition and project email recognition features means users can waste less time writing and sending emails, Grapple interprets messages and assigns tasks so you don’t have to.

You just need to say whatever it is you want, for example “Adam please send me the paperwork related to my tax case by 2pm next friday” and then that person, Adam, automatically receives this task along with the assigned due date.

This is a much easier way for people to communicate something as and when it comes to them, whilst writing emails is something people will put off until later and by then they might’ve forgotten what the task was.

Alternatively, you can create a project email inbox within the app, the tasks sent to the inbox will also be understood by Grapple and instantly passed on to whoever it concerns.

Simple, straightforward and effective.

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San Francisco-based marketing hub TidyMarketer is ideal for teams who want to coordinate and collaborate on campaign management from a single platform.

The marketing management platform keeps everyone in sync by putting everything in one place. Automated tools remove the need for manual reports. This helps companies to streamline their work, reduce the risk of human error and ultimately scale operations.

“I have seen the frustrations that teams small and large experience managing complex campaigns,” says CEO and founder Julia Lera “At TidyMarketer we tidy-up the process of planning, coordinating and communicating results from marketing campaigns, with one simple solution.”


Pimex is the sales leads management platform that helps companies organize and monetize their sales leads. 

Based in Medellin, Colombia, the app automates responses to prospective customers so they can get real-time information whenever, wherever. It aims to secure clients by organizing their contacts’ information on the platform so no one will get forgotten.

It provides small to mid-sized companies analytic that allows them to see how effectively and efficiently the company is performing.

It also means companies can receive instant notifications from clients, alerting them whenever something needs to be done.


WorkZone  is the cloud-based project management software aimed at midsize and enterprise companies.

It gives those in charge of organizing projects the tools to handle complex project requirements such as status alerts, dashboards, task dependencies, workload reports and time tracking.

It’s easy to use and its group calendar and reporting system means everyone on board can keep up to date. The project tracker lets users know exactly what’s going on across departments, clients and campaigns.

Create the projects you want and feel safe in the knowledge that WorkZone will automatically inform other members.