How this Hardware Company is Revolutionizing Working from Home and Gaming

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team March 27, 2023

Whether you’re working or gaming, one of the great things about being at home is the flexibility to work from any part of the house. Being able to move freely from the desk to the sofa or couch, makes it easy to find the perfect spot for comfort, inspiration, and productivity. Similarly, switching up gaming spaces can create a more relaxed and comfortable environment, leading to a better overall experience—and maybe even a better gaming score! 

Unfortunately, many will suffer as a result of poor at-home ergonomics, as using non-traditional spaces like sofas and beds can lead to musculoskeletal problems. According to a survey, almost 48% of people who worked in these areas experienced such issues. Given that over two-thirds of Americans play video games, this trend could potentially develop into a serious health issue for both workers and gamers that shouldn’t be ignored. 

To address this problem, a German company named nerdytec developed an innovative solution: the Couchmaster®. It’s the most ergonomically designed lap desk available today, providing a comfortable working or gaming experience from the couch, without losing the support necessary to keep a good posture. But, how is it doing it? Let’s find out how the Couchmaster® is changing the game in terms of ergonomic support.

Why are ergonomics important? 

Lower back pain is a common issue worldwide, with an estimated 7.5% of the global population experiencing it in 2017. Investing in your own ergonomic set up can help prevent you falling prey to this problem. 

An ergonomic set up aims to reduce undue stress or exertion on the body during use and the Couchmaster® achieves this thanks to nerdytec’s patented design. According to its co-founder, Roman Jakob, all models are protected by the same patent and use a combination of cushion and support board. The Couchmaster’s back-friendly sitting position and its relieving palm-rests offer ergonomic use that feels natural and minimizes discomfort.

Whether you’re gaming, working from home, or have an injury preventing you from using your usual—it’s ideal for anyone who spends long hours in front of a PC or laptop. 

According to physiotherapist Roland Kellerbach, “From a health point of view, the Couchmaster® offers the best ergonomic way to use your PC/laptop from the couch. The wide cushions relieve the shoulder and neck muscles during use, effectively preventing tension.”

Working like a boss

Roman Jakob and Chris Mut, the creators of the first Couchmaster design in 2011, were avid gamers seeking a more comfortable gaming solution. Today, they lead nerdytec, a company driven by innovation that revolutionizes comfortable hardware for gamers and home workers alike.

Since its creation, nerdytec has released different versions of the Couchmaster®, each designed to cater to specific needs regarding design, tech, and preference. The CYWORX is perfect for working from home, while the CYCON² is ideal for gamers needing cable management. The CYPUNK has an edgy design for those looking to add character to their homes.

Nerdytec is continually developing and improving its patented technology. They achieve this by listening closely to customer feedback. According to Roman Jakob, the latest addition to the family, the CYBOSS, was created entirely based on customer requests. He adds, “It has always been incredibly important for us to work closely with our customers. The successful launch of the CYBOSS in late 2022 proved that prioritizing customer wishes is worth it.”

The CYBOSS is an ideal solution for remote workers who struggle to juggle their laptop, mouse, tablet, papers, and coffee all in one place. This Couchmaster® offers more storage space, room for all sitting positions, and compatibility for left-handers and all body types. Since 45% of remote workers admit to regularly working from the couch, the CYBOSS is the perfect fit for increasing comfort, performance, and productivity while having everything within reach.

Solving every gamer’s nightmare

Although the Couchmaster® has proved useful for those working from home, it was initially designed to help gamers. 

Eye strain, lower back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome are some of the most common complaints from gamers, so Jakob and Mut were keen to help eliminate as many of these as possible. As a result, the CYCON² was created for those that want to game for as long a session as possible! 

Unlike when using a desk or tray, the CYCON² prevents users from hunching forward and encourages an elongated posture that is better for the back and other health concerns. It’s the CYCON²’s large, supportive cushions that relieve tension from the shoulder and neck muscles during use. 

It’s in these large cushions that nerdytec have really come through for gamers. One of the gamer’s worst nightmares? Besides a malfunctioning console or glitches in the game, it’s most definitely the abundance of tangled cables spread across their living rooms! To address this problem, nerdytec created a modified and more user-friendly cable management system, embedded into the cushions themselves.  

The cable establishes the connection between the PC and Couchmaster® and provides additional power with an included power adapter. This way, even the most power-hungry devices can be operated with ease. It also has six USB ports to connect all devices like keyboards, mice, and headsets—perfect for the avid gamers out there!  

This state of the art feature reflects nerdytec’s solution-oriented mindset. As Roman puts it, “We always strive to keep up with the times and explore the ever-evolving possibilities to enhance our products. Currently, we’re working on an entirely new version of the Couchmaster with a killer feature and expanding our complementary products. We’re excited to continue our journey from the garage to the world.”