Israeli start up Kado raises $1.2m to complete development of the world’s thinnest wall charger

By Oliver Griffin February 16, 2017

Israeli start-up Kado, producing battery charging technology, has raised $1.2m to help complete its development of the world’s thinnest wall charger.

The company has two available ultra-thin chargers: Kado wallet, a device for smartphones and tablets and Kado Sleeve, the first ever foldable charger for laptops.

AltaIR Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in early stage tech companies, provided initial funds to the company and intends to continue with funding in preparation for the commercial launch of Kado products in 2017.

Adapting to today’s modern lifestyle, the CEOs of Kado, Italy Hasid and Daniel Assid, have worked with their team to develop a power conversion technology with high levels of power density and utilization.

Itay Hasid said, “Kado’s vision is to release the global market from the vicious cycle of the inverse relationship in which smartphones and tablets need faster charging to increase their mobility. To break this vicious cycle, we have already set a new standard of power conversion. This standard replaces the current bulky chargers and transformers with compact alternatives suited for today’s mobile lifestyle. ”

Kado Wallet is just 5mm thin and fits easily into a wallet or purse. It supplies up to 10 Watts and can charge other devices such as tablets, cameras, wireless speakers and headphones.

Kado Sleeves weighs only 97 grams and provides up to 70 Watts. It can simultaneously charge your laptop and a smaller device such as a smartphone.

As part of the company’s financing and marketing plan, and in light of the high demand for its chargers, Kado announced that it would soon launch a crowdfunding campaign on one of the web’s popular platforms. The campaign will be followed by the launch of the company’s products, first in the U.S. market, and then in additional global markets such as Japan and Europe.

In the past few months, Kado’s entrepreneurs have presented prototypes to top Asian and American multinational brands and are in talks with them on strategic collaborations.

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