How to kickstart your startup’s marketing efforts

By Editor April 21, 2016

As a founder, launching a startup is a grueling process. Late nights of meticulous planning in an effort to deliver a polished product almost always takes the lead over marketing efforts. However, to truly be successful, having a solid marketing plan in place come launch is a necessity. While every product will have its own tailored launch strategy, let’s take a look at some quick and easy methods to help get the word out there for your newly launched startup.

Marketing Website

Depending on the nature of your product, you may already have a company website covered, but if not, spend a few hours getting your product on the web. This can be as simple as creating a one-page scrolling site from templates on platforms like Squarespace or Wix. The important info to add includes: company name and logo, value proposition, product photos or design screens, links for purchasing information, contact information and additional company information that will allow any press to write about your startup.

Startup Directories

Startup directories are a quick way to build profiles of your business in different areas across the web. Discoverability is key with any new startup and having your product positioned on numerous sites will improve your chances of press contacts and new customers finding you. Be sure to include a hyperlink to your website as many of these sites provide link opportunities that have the ability to improve your site’s organic rankings in search engines.

Press Kit

Do yourself a favor and put together a press kit. A press kit is a package of information that will provide any individual all the information she needs to write about your product. Include in your kit: a press release including your product pitch, high-quality visuals, information on the company founders, key contact information and any other information you deem noteworthy about your company. Also, be sure to include your press kit on your website by allowing visitors the ability to download for quick access to your company’s information.

Pitch Local Reporters

Now that you have your press kit, it’s time to target and pitch local or national writers. The key is to start small. It will take a bit to get your messaging to the point that it resonates. The Internet provides a wealth of small websites dedicated to local businesses or news sites that feature startups. Once you start getting a few write-ups, take that messaging to a larger stage and target sites and individuals who truly have the ability to catapult your product into the public’s eye.

Get Out and Network

Your new startup is part of your identity. You should be excited to tell people about it any time the opportunity presents itself. Start with local events to build a comfort level and gradually work your way up to larger events where you can spread your message to as many people as possible. Even outside ‘official’ networking events are opportunities to tell people about your new project. Be proud, confident, and passionate, and individuals will be interested in learning more.

By creating the infrastructure necessary to scale your marketing efforts, you set your product up for success. Budgets and capacity are always tough early on so utilizing these ideas can help make the most in a constrained environment. Most important of all is to ensure your early marketing is a team effort. Hire the right people that are just as passionate about the product as you and you’ll lay the groundwork for product success.

Sean Killian is the marketing lead for Enola Labs, a technology-driven digital agency located in Austin, Texas.