LevelEleven makes enterprise shift in 2015

By Editor December 29, 2015

Top Global Brands and Hypergrowth Enterprises Partner With LevelEleven to Enable the Modern Sales Organization

DETROIT, MI–(December 29, 2015)LevelEleven today announced 2015 company highlights, reporting rapid growth among larger enterprise customers and over 500% growth in users of its new Scorecard sales KPI-management capability. Along with adding new product features, key executives and significant client wins, LevelEleven’s growth was fueled by rapid growth among companies in the technology, media and advertising, finance and insurance industries.

“We’re meeting the demand for a reinvention of how sales teams are managed today, that looks at real time data to keep salespeople and sales managers focused on the activities that drive sales results. Leading enterprises including American Express, HubSpot, Pandora, Rocket Fuel and Symantec have embraced our platform because it allows their salespeople to get deeply engaged in their key sales metrics, and enables their managers to be modern, data-driven coaches,” said LevelEleven Founder and CEO Bob Marsh.

Marsh highlighted HubSpot as an ultra-high growth, metrics-focused sales organization that uses LevelEleven to drive even more productivity out of their already high performing team. By presenting personalized sales KPIs to salespeople and sales managers, and broadcasting real time summaries on office TVs, HubSpot has seen a more than 28% increase in sales team activity.

“An easy way to think about it is that we take a 100-person sales team and enable them to perform like a 120-person sales team. This makes the ROI very straight-forward, and clients see the results faster and with much lower risk than hiring more people,” says Marsh. “Most sales leaders look at their salespeople and everyone appears really busy, but the sales leader is wondering why they aren’t selling more. The issue is that salespeople get easily distracted and don’t execute on the day-to-day behaviors that will lead to winning more business, and sales managers aren’t managing their teams in an objective, consistent, metrics-oriented way. By helping everyone stay engaged and focused on what matters, productivity increases significantly.”

LevelEleven is also announcing three key new capabilities to its platform which were highly requested from its enterprise-level customers;

Teams addresses a common need within larger companies to accommodate the multiple types of selling teams within a sales organization. This allows clients to define various functions such as inside sales, mid-market sales, field sales or call center agents to define unique performance metrics for each. Each salesperson gets their own personalized KPI Scorecard. Front line managers can see data for those on their team and a rollup of their full team’s performance. This can then roll-up to a Director or VP so that everyone is aligned, focused and executing with precision.

Advanced filtering capabilities were added to Scorecard to accommodate the variety of ways larger companies report data within salesforce.com.

Personalized Sounds — An enhancement to the popular Channel 11 TV service, salespeople can now upload their own unique songs to play on office TVs when a key sales KPI is executed or a deal is closed. This added level of real time personalization further engages salespeople in their metrics to increase sales performance.

Randy Wootton, CEO of Rocket Fuel, was the company’s Chief Revenue Officer and North America sales leader at the time LevelEleven was brought on board. Says Wootton, “LevelEleven has helped our sales organization run more efficiently as we continually strive to achieve higher ROI per seller. We’re using LevelEleven to keep our salespeople focused on engaging with our customers, to add more discipline to our sales process and to enable our sales managers to coach sellers to success. Every company wants to sell more, but LevelEleven helps our team stay focused on the behaviors and activities that drive results.”

Other 2015 Highlights Include:
– Closed $2.6M in venture capital, including an additional investment from Salesforce Ventures.
– Appointed two key executives: COO/CFO Bill Johnson and CRO Mike Minelli.
– Won Google’s Game-Changer Award at Google’s National Demo Day.
– Ranked #1 on G2 Crowd for Sales Performance Management
– Introduced a new feature to its Scorecard KPI-management product called Pacing, which improves the ability for salespeople and sales managers to manage their sales pipeline data in real time.

The team completed a successful Dreamforce 2015 conference where the company was prominently featured by clients sharing their success stories in seven breakout sessions including How to Be a Modern Sales Leader, Choosing the Right Sales KPIs, Fastest Path to Pipeline: Best Practices for Inside Sales Teams, AppExchange Apps for Sales Ops Excellence and The Sales Leader Panel: Enabling Breakthrough Performance with Apps.
For more information about how LevelEleven improves sales team performance, visit http://leveleleven.com/.

About LevelEleven
LevelEleven enables a modern sales organization by helping them define the activities and behaviors that lead to sales and creates personalized scorecards for salespeople and sales managers so everyone can stay focused on what matters. Clients are embracing LevelEleven’s sales engagement platform to enable a modern, metrics driven sales organization. Founded in October 2012, LevelEleven has secured 200+ customers including Comcast, Dun & Bradstreet, Symantec, HubSpot, Forrester Research and EMC.