Featured Startup Pitch: Streamroot – Plugin-free peer-accelerated streaming

By Editor December 29, 2015


COMPANY: Streamroot


Streamroot helps online streaming platforms cut bandwidth costs, better manage traffic spikes and improve video quality with peer-accelerated delivery technology.


We help broadcasters overcome one of the biggest challenges facing the web today: The explosion of video traffic. While online video delivery was traditionally based on one-to-one connections between the viewer and the host server, Streamroot harnesses an often untapped piece of the video streaming chain: The device itself. Using the latest peer-to-peer protocols, the system connects users watching the same stream, allowing them to obtain content from the source that can provide it the fastest—whether it be from the server or another viewer. With this additional delivery layer, broadcasters can:

  • dramatically reduce their bandwidth costs while multiplying the capacity of their servers
  • reach their audiences more efficiently to ensure better quality of service
  • better handle traffic spikes, making it economically and technically feasible to stream HD and 4K videos to large audiences


Streamroot is the first and leading company to offer plugin-free peer-accelerated streaming for online broadcasters. From the beginning, we have focused our efforts and our technology on live and VoD streaming and have become the reference in the industry for the power of our solution. We are experts in video players and video architectures, which has allowed us to forge strategic partnerships with major players and offer the best peer-accelerated video streaming solution available on the market today.



Streamroot was founded by three engineers from Ecole Centrale Paris (Axel Delmas, Nikolay Rodionov, and Pierre-Louis Théron), who began tackling the challenge of buffering and poor streaming quality in 2012. They released the first prototype of the technology while still students and won a university-wide award for the most innovative student project. At the same time, the idea began to receive significant interest from the online video industry and they decided to continue this entrepreneurial pursuit, creating Streamroot.


Streamroot offers a SaaS model based on the traffic managed by the peer-to-peer solution. Broadcasters generally pay for bandwidth according to their traffic in GB/month. Streamroot offers the same revenue model but is able to cut drastically data exchange costs compared to the CDN. The more data transits through the network, the more customers save money, and the better the streaming quality. Our clients immediately see the difference!


HEADQUARTERS: New York City and Paris

WEBSITE: streamroot.io


TWITTER: @Streamroot

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/StreamRoot

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/streamroot