Health Startup Levels Adds Renowned Clinician, Stanford University Lecturer Molly Maloof to Medical Advisory Board

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team September 9, 2020

Metabolic health startup Levels announced that Molly Maloof, MD, has joined its Advisory Board.

Molly Maloof, MD is a scientist, clinician, entrepreneur, and thought leader on a mission to maximize human potential by extending healthspan through medical technology, digital health, wellness, and media. Since 2012, she has worked as an advisor and consultant to over 42 companies throughout the world on clinical strategy, research, and product development. She is also a Lecturer within the Wellness Department of the Stanford University School of Medicine and was also Head of Medical Science at Sano Intelligence, a venture backed glucose monitoring company that was recently acquired by diabetes company One Drop.

In her advisory role with Levels she will be bringing her years of experience working with continuous glucose monitors to help revolutionize a new approach to preventive medicine and metabolic fitness through mass consumer CGM use. She’ll help Levels continue its mission to help individuals become healthier, achieve peak human performance, and prevent the onset of chronic disease.

Dr. Casey Means. Image credit: LinkedIn

“Molly has been the leading voice in the movement towards making metabolic health mainstream, and was one of the earliest advocates of continuous glucose monitors for the mainstream wellness market,” said Levels Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer Casey Means, MD. “Her approach to using biofeedback and digital solutions to foster sustainable behavior change and promote foundational health resonate deeply with our mission as a company.”

According to Dr. Maloof, “I’m proud to be joining the Levels team. Of all of the companies I have spoken with, I believe they have the highest likelihood of success in bringing continuous glucose monitoring to the masses. I predict that CGM technology will someday be the gold standard for measuring metabolic health.”

Staggeringly, 88% of US adults are metabolically unhealthy and with the COVID-19 pandemic, health challenges only continue to arise. Despite growing recognition of the obesity epidemic, the latest estimates show that 34% of adults and 15–20% of children and adolescents in the US are obese. Additionally, today more than half of the adult population has some type of chronic disease and 86% of healthcare costs can be attributable to these diseases.

Sam Corcos. Image credit: LinkedIn

Levels is the first healthtech company to develop a metabolic fitness program that leverages continuous glucose monitoring and machine learning driven software to provide real-time glucose biofeedback that can guide personalized dietary and lifestyle decisions. 

“Real-time metabolic data allows individuals to take charge of their  personal health and make sustainable changes to improve their performance, master their energy levels, and achieve maximal wellbeing, said Levels CEO Sam Corcos. “We are extremely proud to partner with Dr. Maloof to democratize access to personal data and modernize the healthcare system through digital health.”

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