Lightning Pitch: Chipolo, the accessory to locate your belongings

By Tim Hinchliffe October 6, 2016

Company: Chipolo

Headquarters:  Hrastnik, Slovenia

Founding team: Primoz Zelensek and Tadej Jevševar

Why we like it: It helps you find things. No more do you have to do that ridiculous shuffle ‘pat-yourself’ dance, or frantic rummage. No siree-Bob. That you of the past that was losing stuff? They’re gone now, for ever.

Important objects have a habit of disappearing just when you need ‘em, don’t they?

You might be running late from work and to make it worse, your car keys are suddenly nowhere to be seen, or it starts to pour and you can’t remember where you last put the umbrella. Or there’s that horrible moment when you’re not sure if someone stole your wallet, or you just left it at home, like a fool.

Searching for lost items can be a frustrating, distressing experience and more often than not, it involves disturbing everyone around you to help you in the process.

Thankfully Chipolo is here to save the day, allowing you to keep hold of those often-lost items and keep your day on the right track.

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The neat little bluetooth tracker that can be attached to everyday items like bags, cameras, phones and laptops or even kid’s toys. You name it, Chipolo can track it. The chip will ring when you’ve lost the item and with a volume of 90 db, you’ll be sure to hear it.  

The coin-sized chip which comes in nine different colors, works in collaboration with the user-friendly Chipolo app. The app lets you navigate your way back to your lost object using a series of dots which shows you how far away you are. It works within a 60 metre bluetooth range and can hold up to nine accounts on iOS and Android smartphones.

If you’ve lost your phone, give the Chipolo a quick shake and your phone will ring – even if it’s on silent, alternatively you can check its last location on the web app map. If that doesn’t work, you can expand your search using all phones that are running the app – but don’t worry, no one will know you’re looking for a lost item but you as the feature is 100% private.

The chips are good value for money too: $28.13 for one, $78.76 for four or $168.10 for nine and if you’re not impressed with its performance, you can get a full refund within 30 days. The current Chipolo has a replaceable battery which lasts for six months but you’ll get an extra battery in the package so you’ll be covered for a year.

The tiny Chipolo not only looks good as an accessory on your belongings but it’s a convenient, smart way of keeping tabs on your things.

By Holly Eustance