Lightning Pitch: MeoCare

By Editor February 3, 2015

MeoCare logoCOMPANY: MeoCare

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Employee health and wellness programs. Over 85 percent of employee health choices are made outside of work. The MeoCare health platform drives employee engagement by providing personalized health programs for each employee. Our programs, whether about fitness, nutrition, or yoga, are broken into engaging, bite-sized mouthfuls that keep employees coming back for more. We make the science of habit change fun, achievable, light-hearted and entertaining. The results are improved employee engagement and lower long-term health costs.

We offer engaging health programs that real people want to use—from cooking, yoga, Pilates to fitness, weight loss, and nutrition. While most solutions focus on employees at work we offer health programs employees can work on at home and at work.

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HEADQUARTERS: Dublin, Ireland


FOUNDERS: James Malone is the CEO of MeoCare and is responsible for leading the development and market adoption of the MeoCare platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Our employee health platform makes it easy for employees of large and small companies to improve their health through evidence-based programs tailored to their specific needs.