Lightning Pitch: Neon Nettle

By Editor January 21, 2015

NeonNettle logoCOMPANY: Neon Nettle

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Independent online media source. Independent media is growing! In fact, it’s growing so quickly more-and-more young people are asking questions about the official story and the mainstream narrative—this is where Neon Nettle comes in. We are a fast growing alternative media source that engages a vast, politically aware young audience on both sides of the Atlantic. We currently deliver 500,000 impressions per month and gaining more readership every day. We engage users of the 18-to-35 demographic, making us attractive to big brands who advertise with us. We aim to become the biggest and most respected alternative media source in the world, and also give a platform for new budding journalists who want to get their foot in the door of online independent media.

We take the alternative media to the mainstream, taking otherwise complicated subjects and making them easy to digest content for a young, politically aware audience.




Steve McQueen – Managing Director – Backround in online digital PR and marketing.

Andrew Cribb – Director – Backround in finance and legal.

Paul Roughsedge – Backround – Web design and development.


TWITTER: @NeonNettle


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