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By Editor February 25, 2015

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Explore and see what people are buying.


In the world of social media there is always something new across the horizon. We already use a dozen social media websites and services, for a dozen uses—it’s almost like you have one for each specific task that you want to share with somebody. Want to get in touch with your close friends and catch up on their lives? Facebook’s the way to go. Do you want to be in touch with colleagues, former colleagues and other people from your business life? You should try LinkedIn. The list could go on to include Instagram, Twitter and a lot more. Starting now, we have one more social network to use: Peepme.

Have you ever seen stuff on Instagram and wondered how much people paid for it? That fancy new watch, that morning breakfast or the vacation in the Caribbean? Well, this is the exact thing that Peepme does: You see what the people you follow paid for the stuff they post. The concept is simple enough, and bragging aside you really get to have a feel for other people’s lifestyles, an insight into their lives that other sites like Facebook or Twitter just cannot have.

Peepme is a social network that connects different individuals throughout the world. Our users share their spending, buying and selling lifestyle with other users.

Users of Peepme will have the opportunity to publish pictures of products or services they purchased and say how much they spent on it, so that one can see how much the user has spent throughout their timeline.

You can register for Peepme using your Facebook account or by email.


Peepme was created by Zeki Sever (founder and CEO) of Manhattan, New York, on March 22, 2014 and it already has more than 75,000 active users. This number is growing every day.

A graduate of the Le Rosey and Berkeley College, Zeki has remained in the New York area. Zeki is also an active Angel investor and art collector.

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