MilleBot, 3DPrinterOS Launch 5G-Connected, Large-Scale Advanced Manufacturing Crates

By Sam Brake Guia January 7, 2020

MilleBot, the creator of the first patented advanced digital-manufacturing system within the ISO shipping container, and 3DPrinterOS, the world’s first operating system for advanced digital manufacturing, today announced the launch of a 5G-connected, large-scale advanced manufacturing partnership.

MilleBot and 3DPrinterOS’ partnership will focus on creating advanced digital-manufacturing machines with state-of-the-art software supporting a variety of tools, materials, and techniques to build large scale parts in plastic and metals using directed energy deposition. The 5G capability allows customers enough bandwidth to encrypt and monitor the entire end-to-end workflow from a secure web browser, even from a parking lot.  

This means that for the first time ever, users can produce and monitor their production factory in real-time anywhere, at any time.

This technology has the potential to deeply impact a wide variety of industries. For example, enterprises and the military can start by prototyping a large part as a helicopter or submarine, and instantly push-to-production anywhere on-site in the world. In the logistics sector, crates are proven technology that can be shipped anywhere in a secure manner and reduce logistics costs. The new system even has the ability to produce parts en route with batteries and 5G-connected solutions ready for making replacement parts. The system was even tested with intermittent 2G connections, and without fail, the platform has been proven to work all around the world.

“For the price of a sports car, you can now have a personal micro-factory capable of 3D printing, cutting and engraving on a large scale anywhere in the world,” says Andy Tran, Founder of MilleBot. “We chose to work with 3DPrinterOS as they are able to adopt changes very quickly, and have over seven years of experience working in the industry with OEMS, F5000, and governments.  Their ability to execute software in a short time to meet our customers’ demand was unmatched.”

“We are very excited to work with Millebot to provide easy-to-use software that powers independent large-scale advanced manufacturing factories,” says John Dogru, Founder and CEO of 3DPrinterOS. “Just-in-time manufacturing is the future, and giving customers the ability to scale on-demand worldwide will be critical in saving costs and improving time-to-market.”

John Dogru, Founder and CEO of 3DPrinterOS

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company