MPOWER partners with USA Funds

By Editor February 24, 2016

MPOWER Partners with USA Funds

MPOWER Loan Recipients to Receive Complimentary Access to Financial Literacy and Student Success Program

Washington, DCMPOWER Financing today announced a partnership with USA Funds® to offer an award-winning online financial literacy and student success program to student loan recipients. This partnership provides all MPOWER loan recipients with access to USA Funds’ suite of courses that support broad learning goals. These courses include such diverse modules as managing money and debt, estimating expected income, and setting goals.

“MPOWER loans help top students get through school and achieve their full career potential,” said Michael Davis, CTO and co-founder, MPOWER. “As a mission-driven lender, it’s our role to support students with personal finance education. With this program, we’re helping students learn how to prepare for life after college, how to balance a budget, and how only to take on the debt they really need.”

USA Funds’ financial literacy program teaches key personal finance and academic success concepts via an online, interactive format. Information is organized into a concise, easy-to-use format, delivering short segments of focused content. The curriculum specifically targets the critical needs of college students, including financial management, academic success, interviewing techniques, and ensuring a solid financial future.

“Most students receive little-to-no personal finance education as they transition to adulthood,” said Sara Wilson, USA Funds’ financial literacy product manager. “Our curriculum provides the tools and resources students need to navigate the financial issues they face while on campus and following graduation. Our goal to enhance students’ success aligns well with MPOWER’s mission.”

All MPOWER loan recipients are eligible to participate in USA Funds’ courses. New applicants wishing to be considered for an MPOWER loan can easily check their eligibility, and, if approved, will gain access to the program. Current borrowers should contact their MPOWER representative for more information.

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About USA Funds
A nonprofit corporation, USA Funds® works to enhance postsecondary education preparedness, access, and success by providing and supporting financial and other valued services. USA Funds provides services that enhance student success, promote successful student loan repayment, and support financial literacy. For more information, visit