MSP automation software startup Liongard partners with important IT and cloud service company

By Michael Krumholtz August 23, 2018

Just two months after raising an impressive $1.25 million in seed funding, the Managed Service Providers (MSP) automate software startup Liongard is announcing an important partnership with a premier IT and cloud service company called ERGOS Technology.

Through its popular product Roar, Liongard can allow partners and clients like ERGOS to automate documentation processes that had to be done manually in the past.

“The platform integrates with existing documentation platforms (CMDBs) to capture and update configuration details that are usually maintained manually,” Liongard’s site states. “Roar enables system discovery, documentation, change notification, and actionable alerting of misconfigurations.”

Since Liongard was co-founded by former MSP owners Joe Alapat and Vincent Tran and ERGOS is recognized nationally as top-50 MSP, the partnership between the two sides seems to be a match made in heaven.

One of the largest reoccurring problems in the MSP industry is figuring out whether or not shallow or deep documentation should be uploaded. Though both options have their respective positive and negative aspects, this work has historically had to be done by engineers, which brings its own set of challenges as human error becomes a constant and the sheer amount of data and need for updates are burdening tasks.

When partnering with a client like ERGOS, however, Roar promises to constantly keep necessary MSP documentation up to date with a constant stream of monitoring and automation.

“Roar lets ERGOS staff stick to our processes,” ERGOS President Matt Clines said in a recent press release announcing the partnership. “They can avoid manual logins for troubleshooting when the information they need is readily available.  Platforms like Roar are what continue to help ERGOS remain a leading MSP. We think Roar may be the most impactful addition to our solution stack, as it will fill nearly all of the gaps existing between the PSA, RMM and our documentation system.”

Having worked together in the past, the “stealth” mode of Liongard’s seminal product was made with ERGOS and other applicable MSP companies in mind. That will provide a seamless transition as the two companies go forward together in this next phase.

“We’ve built a strong relationship with ERGOS in an effort to ensure the product was purpose-built to serve the needs of MSPs that are managing IT at scale,” Liongard CEO Joe Alapat was quoted as saying. “We enable visibility into systems where RMM agents cannot be installed. ERGOS has helped guide us towards focusing on the features and functionalities that matter most.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company