Pickit, An Image Library For Office 365, Launches Hybrid Service, Combining Company Assets with Stock Images

By Sam Brake Guia November 27, 2018

All-in-one image service Pickit today announces the launch of its hybrid asset management service, Pickit Office 365. Allowing teams to simultaneously gain access to both company assets and Pickit library images for the first time, the add-in for companies makes it easier than ever to find the right images for their Microsoft Office 365 projects.

Currently the most downloaded add-in globally, Pickit is a hybrid of stock images, a digital asset management system, and includes ‘Editor’s Choice’ collections. Accessible through PowerPoint and Word for Office 365, and the web, Pickit gives users seamless access to the company image bank inside their documents and presentations. And when they need new content, employees can access the Pickit image library of Legally Cleared™ images, cliparts, and icons too.

Employees no longer need to turn to search engines or log in to unavailable asset libraries. With Pickit Office 365, team members can simply open PowerPoint and Word and click ‘Pickit’ in the ribbon for full access to both company assets and the Pickit library.

To use Pickit, team members log in using their Azure AD-synced company email, and click on the Pickit icon in the ribbon of the document. Then, they are able to browse the company assets and double-click on any image they wish to add to the file. The Pickit library is available in the next tab, and from there they can browse professionally curated ‘Editor’s Choice’ collections for PowerPoint, or search for any image they need.

Pickit’s latest offering allows companies to motivate their employees to use their brand’s assets and enables them to communicate their work, and brand, coherently and effectively. Pickit is helping businesses create impactful work across the globe, resulting in presentations and documents that are on-brand, compliant, and original.

Visual communication is proven to be the most powerful way to get a message across and has a direct route to long-term memory. In fact, while we remember only 10% of what we hear, the brain remembers 65% of a relevant image paired with the same information. Finding the right image to convey an idea is crucial, and Pickit leads the way in helping companies do exactly that.

“We are proud to get this out and really help people at their everyday workplaces to make a greater impact when they present their work,” said Mathias Bjorkholm, Co-CEO and Founder at Pickit. “We regularly hear from our customers that the service really makes a difference.”

The product hybrid also represents an important milestone for the company, as it welcomes new COO and President, David Scult. David’s experience as General Manager for Microsoft Office makes him the perfect steersman for Pickit.

In a world where PowerPoint is still held as the king of work presentations for many, Pickit hopes to help companies and employees ensure that they’re delivering information in the most effective, appealing, and impactful way.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company