Recently launches analog social network and connects online followers with physical magazines

By Oliver Griffin December 20, 2016

Recently, a mobile-to-print single-tap magazine publishing service, has launched a new analog  photography social network platform, Followers. The launch of its new service means publishers can promote, distribute and monetize their photographs, by enabling followers to subscribe to their monthly (or quarterly) publications.

Using the Followers platform, Recently publishers can privately invite others to subscribe to future publications. When the publisher makes a magazine, the Followers receive their own copies of the magazine, sent directly to their residences.

The platform also allows the public to subscribe to their favorite Recently publishers via a subscription link. By sharing this subscription link in their social media profiles – such as an Instagram account – creatives, brands and businesses using the app can engage with their fans via a high-end, tangible publication. Recently publishers with public Followers, earn a profit for each magazine printed and shipped to their Followers.

According to IBIS World, the photo printing industry has grown 11.7% from 2011–16, and is currently worth $2 billion in the U.S. The most well-known printing solutions require time and labor intensive user input to compile personal photo albums of favorite memories. Recently is different because with their patent-pending software, the process is completely automated. . Recently’s mobile-first design streamlines the organization, curation, layout and publishing of photos into an effortless, single-tap system.

Recently cuts out the hassle of magazine design, subscriber management, and complex, expensive distribution services. In just minutes, creators can use Recently to capitalize their social fanbase, schools can engage families, musicians can captivate fans, businesses can reward valued-customers and brands can build offline collateral to stand apart from the crowd.

“At Recently we believe in the power of print to augment and accentuate digital creativity,” said co-founder Scott Valins. “Traditionally, this level of quality publication was only available through large scale publishing processes, now anyone can create beautiful magazines, helping to differentiate themselves in an increasingly ephemeral online world.”


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