Routes Feature by Arrivedo to Allow Hotels to Give Guests a Better Customer Experience

By Sam Brake Guia April 16, 2019

Arrivedo, a content platform that collects recommendations and things to do around hotels, announces the launch of a new Routes feature for Arrivedo Neighborhood Guides with the purpose of giving hotels the ability to provide a better guest experience as part of the hotel’s website.

Arrivedo aims to give hotels the ability to compete with Airbnb by providing guests with more curated experiences at one-fourth of the cost of traditional competitors. They do this by elevating and digitizing the hotel’s local advice and recommendations through a fully customizable Neighborhood Guide available to guests. This gives guests an unforgettable experience in their target destination with recommendations on restaurants, bars, and more, while also highlighting the hotels own restaurants and other services to increase ancillary revenue. And with the routes feature, hotels can give guests their own self-guided walking route in their chosen destination.

The team is coming off the release of their API and White Label Solutions that The Portobello Hotel London and Makati Diamond Luxury Residences adopted. DoubleTree (Lima and Paracas), The Lot Boutique Hotel and Calima Boutique Hotel in Lima also recently  purchased Arrivedo’s White Label Solution services.

Now, the launch of the improved travel routes feature allows guests to fully customize the effort, time, and budget of their recommended walking routes, giving them the flexibility to choose their own experience. By using Arrivedo’s content management system (CMS), hotels can create their own recommendations in-house or curate unlimited content through Arrivedo’s community of more than 3,000 travel writers. With Arrivedo, hotels are able to provide personalized information to maximize the guest experience in their destination.

Millennials, who typically prefer the homeshare experience more than previous generations, are poised to become the leading consumers in the hospitality industry in the next few years. Now more than ever, hotels need to be able to provide the best customer experience for this experience-driven generation. Arrivedo’s Neighborhood Guides feature provides them with that ability in an efficient and easy to use application.

“Hoteliers are not yet positioned as great hosts. Airbnb has only one guest a day, while we, hoteliers, can have 400 a day. We need to be well equipped to be great local hosts,” says Alonso Franco, Arrivedo founder and CEO, who previously co-founded a hospitality business. “We use knowledge from the hotel’s local staff, who know the area best. Then, we show you routes with things like favorite architectural spots – things you won’t find in a simple search.”

Travelers are craving unique experiences and activities more than ever, even taking priority over low prices. Until now, hotels haven’t been unable to communicate their suggestions and know-how with guests other than with brochures on the front desk. Arrivedo allows hotels to give quick, personalized recommendations to guests in an efficient, streamlined manner.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company