Salesforce incubator open for summer 2017 applications, focus on bringing AI to business apps

By Oliver Griffin November 16, 2016

Salesforce has announced that it is receiving applications for summer next year for its incubator program. 

The program, which will last five months, is looking to find the best in new business apps that want to harness Artificial Intelligence to be smarter than ever before.

The summer program follows Salesforce’s Batch#1, a group of 14 SaaS startups that broke ground   in July by being the first cohort from the tech giant’s incubator.

Ludovic Ulrich, head of startup relations at Salesforce, said,  “I’m excited to announce that we’re now accepting applications for our next group of startups to join the Incubator — this time focusing on companies interested in bringing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to their business apps to make them smarter.

“Salesforce will provide mentorship and access to Salesforce Einstein, a breakthrough innovation that embeds advanced AI capabilities into the Salesforce Platform. Einstein can be leveraged by developers and startups to create amazing new solutions that transform how companies connect with their customers.”

Applications are open until 15 December, 2016 with finalists announced in January 2017. The incubator is based in South of Market, San Francisco, and provides participating startups  with access to Salesforce technologies.

The startups will also benefit from exposure to a diverse network of mentors and advisors at Salesforce, exposure to industry events and experts, and an opportunity to give back in the early days of their existence.

“With AI moving into the mainstream thanks to increased compute power of the cloud, the availability of  ‘big data’ and advancements in machine learning, every company has the potential to be smarter, more personalized and predictive when working with customers,” Ulrich continued.

“By leveraging the latest AI capabilities, companies will be able to automate tasks, personalize experiences and improve decision-making for sales, customer support, marketing and many other business processes. In a sense, AI technology has the capability to completely change the way we do business.”


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