Smart Moderation introduces Artificial Intelligence to fight social media abuse

By Tim Hinchliffe October 24, 2016

Smart Moderation has launched as the first Artificial Intelligence solution that protects online users from abusive content.

As well as bringing the world together on the same platforms, social sites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram have also seen the rise of divisive online aggression making other users feel less comfortable about sharing and posting.

Individuals and brands want their accounts to be free of trolls, spam and profanities. Unlike other social media filters such as BrandBastion, who focus on protecting company’s advertising, Smart Moderation understand words like a human does and analyses meanings of sentences automatically. The software gets rid of unwanted comments in one minute, allegedly much faster than any other software of its kind.

“When you’ve worked hard to develop relevant online content, it’s incredibly insulting to read abusive comments plastered below,” said Ciler Ay Tek, Co-Founder at Smart Moderation. “The Smart Moderation AI software was made to combat and silence internet harassment for good, so your brand can get on with its true mission: building a positive reputation online.”

Instead of filtering through individual specific keywords, Smart Moderation can interpret the phrase as a whole and determine whether it is a form of harassment or not. The high-tech text analytics can also understands when Ads are posted to user pages (usually without consent) which gain undeserving exposure and are just generally irritating for brands and individuals alike.

Moderation station

To use Smart Moderation, all users have to do is upload their social media profiles to the platform and then they can manage their accounts through the Smart Moderation dashboard.

As time goes on, users can train the software to function according to your specific needs and preferences. By clicking on “inappropriate” or “OK” on certain content it is possible to change the system’s decision status and train your software assistant. It’s basically like a brainy assistant who observes your activity and learns and evolves from you.

The AI software is free for users with less than 5,000 followers. Users with up to 50,000 followers pay just $9 a month, and those with up to 250,000 pay $49 monthly. The most popular users with 5 million followers pay $199 a month.The platform currently has an accuracy rate of 91% which will increase as the number of users increase. If you’re not an english speaker, not to worry, Smart Moderation works, with the same efficiency, for other languages too.


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