Startup VocaSee launches innovative technology for automatic transcription and captioning of audiovisual content

By Sam Brake Guia July 10, 2018

Tech startup VocaSee today launches a platform for the automatic transcription and captioning of video and audio clips with high accuracy in a bid to become the world’s go-to platform for automatic speech transcription.

The Israel-based company uses patented technology and algorithms in combination with video analysis and natural linguistic processing to produces razor-sharp transcriptions of an immense variety of accents and dialects – something which many other competitor softwares struggle to do well.

The VocaSee software works by sending the video or audio snippets to the system’s cloud service which analyzes them and sends back the transcription and captions files. Using patented technology, the software has a unique set of algorithms which allow for highly accurate transcriptions of speakers in real time.

VocaSee has said the technology will be a ‘game-changer’ for a number of industries, noting that large international corporations, education, legal, medicine and journalism will be a few of the biggest beneficiaries.

VocaSee’s founder and CEO, Igal Nir, said: “We are really confident that this technology will become the go-to transcription service. Utilizing cloud computing advantages, we have created a model which really doesn’t get stumped by different accents. This technology will be a game-changer for journalists, students, medical and law professionals who previously would have spent unnecessary time on the laborious tasks of transcribing notes – or using other software which would require thorough checking due to the inaccuracies of the platform.

“We are not only confident that the technology will be easy to use because of its sheer speed and accuracy but also because we have spent so much time working alongside prospective clients worldwide, including high ranked universities in the US and big transcription companies, to make sure the user-interface is accessible, attractive and meets their needs.”

With their extensive knowledge of NLP (natural linguistic processing) VocaSee supply additional benefits to the users in terms of text analytics capabilities such as, automatic summaries, automatic abstracts, keyword indexing and more.

Its technology is also secure – with tight servers ensuring all uploaded data is never used for any other purpose other than creating accurate transcriptions. And it can be used in a number of formats, be it text files, MS Word files, and captions in various formats.