Hot take: Why we need to talk about UnStock

By Tim Hinchliffe August 26, 2016

Remember Shutterstock? The stock photo provider with all the images you could possibly need to run a website? Well there is news. Big news. UnStock has launched. It doesn’t call itself the “Video-Shutterstock,” but it probably should.

Okay, okay, okay. Anyone that has ever worked in publishing will know this is *clears throat* a big deal. Creating videos is hard, time consuming and, above all, potentially very expensive. Paying for original or exclusive clips, ditto. For that reason, the launch of UnStock – which will forever be known as Video-Shutterstock – is a big win for publishers all over the world.

Because the thing is, you lot are obsessed with GIFs. And video clips. In the same way that newspapers have been digitised, so have photos. Where once still images were fine, now only GIFs will do. Moving images and videos are the must have visual accompaniment to any story printed online and sites like video-Shutterstock, sorry, UnStock, is making it cheaper for everyone.

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UnStock’s marketplace helps creators to monetize their videos by licensing footage to buyers, letting anyone purchase an eight second clip. Brands and publications looking to purchase user-generated video can request and explore clips helping them to build impactful commercials, multimedia websites, and social media campaigns. Clips are an average of eight seconds in length, and prices start at $20 a clip, with 50% of the profit going directly to the filmmaker.

What makes UnStock even more interesting is that it is a purveyor of user generated content – i.e., independent content. A 2014 study, from marketing startup Crowdtap and global research company Ipsos, claimed that user-generated content is 35% more memorable, and 50% more trusted than other mediums.

Of course, combined with the high-quality phone cameras of today, this means people can easily capture moments, generating a huge amount of footage with the potential to help brands connect with their audiences. It has been forecasted that in 2020, the equivalent of 2.5 daily clips for every person will be uploaded, that’s 7 trillion video clips in total.

For years people have resorted to embedding YouTube clips, or Vine videos, to their websites. Unstock addresses a very serious need in the media for original, quality video, at just a fraction of the cost.

Yay, for video-Shutterstock.