This travel tech startup earns $2.5 million in funding

By Michael Krumholtz January 9, 2019

Swiss travel tech startup Nezasa has closed its Series A funding round with 2.5 million Swiss Francs ($2.55 million USD) in investment.

The startup was founded in 2013 in the country synonymous for hospitality by Manuel Hilty, Patrick Hammer and Andreas Fürer. It helps travel companies and agencies automate their offerings via a booking platform that takes care of a company’s online platform by allowing for customized trip planning.

The lead investor for the funding round was Credit Suisse’s SVC Ltd.

“At a time when digitalization is changing consumer behavior across industries, technology and seamless end-to-end processes are becoming increasingly important for businesses,” said Didier Denat, Chairman of SVC Ltd. and Head of Corporate & Investment Banking at Credit Suisse. “Nezasa’s unique platform enables the travel industry to take customer experience to new heights. We have full confidence in the company’s strategy and management team, and we are sure that it will successfully service its target market while substantially growing its business.”

According to a company press release, more than 12,000 travel agencies have access to Nezasa’s online platform. While allowing for faster and more efficient booking, it can also help with a travel company’s promotion and branding.

“Nezasa’s offering is well-timed with the rapidly increasing demand for more individualization in the global travel market,” said co-founder Hilty. “Consumers are looking more and more for highly personalized travel plans that cover all their travel needs from accommodation, transportation to local experiences. Our technology allows them to immediately understand how the entire travel plan is affected if they modify one travel component or if they extend the stay in a destination. The improved transparency during the planning process helps our clients to convert more lookers into bookers. Nezasa will use the funds to further invest in its product and to expand its marketing and sales capabilities to tap into international markets.”