Trove market integrates commerce with chat

By Editor December 18, 2015



SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 18, 2015Trove Market, a popular online marketplace for home furnishings and decor, has joined the movement to facilitate payments directly within its chat interface. To-date, Facebook and Snapchat have spearheaded this initiative in the U.S., while WeChat and Line have forged ahead abroad.

TechCrunch announced this week that Facebook and Uber have teamed up to help users hail rides from within chat, alerting those in your chat thread that you are on your way.

Since June, Facebook has helped Messenger users send money to peers using a debit card. Users simply click or tap the ‘$’ button and can easily send money to friends without sharing any personal financial detail. Earlier this year, Facebook also released Messenger for Business, to help businesses connect with their customers using a free chat widget – Uber will reportedly be leveraging Messenger in this way, in an effort to improve its customer service. Customers can also shop directly within the app.

Trove Market is following suit, with updates to its mobile apps and website. CEO Xing Wang shared more about their recent updates. “No other marketplace in our space has made commerce seamless with payments. We already allow people to pay one another through Trove, and we are taking things to the next level by integrating payments directly within chat! As users negotiate price in chat, we smartly detect it, and seamlessly bring up the offer-making interface – it’s a really smooth experience.”

See it in action here:

Trove is currently the only mobile-first marketplace that facilitates the end-to-end experience of buying and selling locally, including handling electronic payments and coordinating time & location for the exchange of goods. This update adds Trove to the growing list of companies facilitating payments within chat.



About Trove Market:

Trove Tech, Inc. ( is a social, mobile, local marketplace company located in San Francisco, CA. Trove uses mobile, location-aware, and electronic payment technologies to make buying and selling locally safer and easier via the Trove Market platform. In addition to enabling commerce between individuals, Trove partners with brick and mortar boutique stores and interior design showrooms to give their products greater visibility and drive local foot traffic to their shops, bridging the gap between online and offline.

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