AI Recruitment Startup Talview Hires for Executive Marketing and BD Positions To Further New HR Tech Category – ‘Instahiring’

By Sam Brake Guia November 6, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruitment startup Talview today announces that it has expanded its team to include Chad Fife, new VP of Marketing, and Dan Arildson, VP of Channel, Alliances, and Business Development. These two new executive hires have been brought on board to help Talview build the world’s first AI-powered Instahiring Experience platform.

Talview’s platform combines three techniques: automation of routine recruiter tasks, enabling remote interviewing and assessments, and capturing and reusing data across the hiring process to deliver the fastest way to hire for its enterprise customers. This is facilitated by AI-powered video interviewing, cognitive remote proctoring, and advanced assessment solutions that leverage the best-in-class natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, and video analytics capabilities.

Talview has set an audacious goal of building the biggest recruitment tech category after the Applicant Tracking Systems category was created in the 2000s. In his new role as VP of Marketing, Chad Fife will oversee the execution of a plan which will help Talview build Instahiring as a must-have recruitment technology category for global enterprises. He will build brand awareness and resonance through the conception and execution of compelling, integrated campaigns across all marketing channels, and manage demand generation for the organization.

Talview considers partnerships as a strategic functional area, and channel partnerships with organizations such as Microsoft have been key to Talview’s fast growth in recent years. In his role, Dan Arildson will oversee a team that is primarily focused on partner identification, activation, opportunity management, and sales enablement to grow the topline. He will also expand the company’s focus to other aspects of business development, including developing key product partnerships and engaging the analyst community, which are all expected to contribute significantly towards building a larger Instahiring community.

“Expanding the leadership team with the addition of these two great executives is a major milestone for Talview in its growth journey,” said Sanjoe Jose, CEO and co-founder of Talview. 

“Dan spent 16 years at Microsoft in various roles, before leaving six years ago to help startups build partnerships with Microsoft and other big tech companies. Dan is an ideal fit to help build Talview’s Channel, as Microsoft is a key partner.” 

“Chad comes with decades of experience building global talent technology brands, including Pearson and PSI, and is probably the most eligible marketing leader in the space today,” he added.

“Talview is building what I see as the next wave of talent acquisition tools and I am excited to be joining at this important time in the growth of the company,”  said Dan Arildson, Talview’s new VP of Channel, Alliances, and Business Development. “I look forward to working with both our existing and future channel partners and engaging with industry analysts to enable more customers and candidates to experience the impact of Instahiring.” 

“The future belongs to companies who can create the best candidate experiences and convert new hires into engaged employees the fastest,” said Chad Fife, Talview’s new VP of Marketing. “Talview’s investment in the AI-led Instahiring Experience platform combining a recruiting bot, video interviewing, assessments, and proctoring was really attractive to me, and I’m thrilled to be part of Talview’s next growth phase.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company